Tips for Interviewing Entry-Level CandidatesIt’s that time of year again – graduation time!

This means an increase in the number of entry-level candidates out searching and interviewing for employment opportunities.

And though they may not have any professional experience under their belt, they may still be a valuable addition to your organization.

Here are some tips to help you interview entry-level candidates and get the information you need to make a sound hiring decision:

Ask about their past work experience or extracurricular activities. Find out what they enjoyed most. What they liked least. What they found challenging or difficult, and how they overcame those obstacles. Inquire about their goals, both short and long term.  Their responses will help you to determine if they are motivated.

Measure their work ethic.  Inquire about moments in their life or educational experience in which they were assigned to do something they didn’t enjoy. How did they motivate themselves? Did they get the assignment done? Have they ever put a little extra time into completing a project, even if it meant working late or sacrificing personal time? This will help you determine what it might look like having them work for you.

Test for entitlement.  Are they overly concerned with vacation time and pay? How do they respond when you mention menial tasks they may be required to do? If their attitude or responses give you the slightest inkling that they may have a sense of entitlement, think twice.

Don’t glamorize. Tell them about the types of challenges they might encounter on the job. What does a career path at your organization look like, and how long does it takes to advance?  Do they hesitate? Are they not as eager as they were when they first came in? Then they might not be a good fit.

Check for organization. Ask questions that will allow you to determine how the candidate prioritizes assigned tasks.  This will allow you to determine if their time management skills are strong enough to be successful on the job.

If you follow these tips, you’ll know whether an entry-level candidate would be an asset to your business, despite their lack of extensive skills and work history.

Everyone needs to start somewhere.

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