Whether you are a start-up, or an established business, you should have an employee handbook. Handbooks are a great way to sort out your policies and procedures in writing, and they can be a valuable resource to new and established employees. They can also protect you if your policies ever come into question.

How do I get started?

Now that we’ve established that an employee handbook is a must-have, here are some items you may want to include in yours:

  • General Employment Information. Include a basic overview of your business, plus any general information that might be needed by your employees. Basic policies including job classifications,  employee referrals, employee records, probationary periods (if applicable), termination/resignation procedures, transfers/relocation opportunities, and any applicable union information should be included here.
  • Benefits Information. If your employee offers a benefits package, any information about plans, costs and coverage should be included here. Signup forms should also be included, as well as a contact name and number for any questions.
  • Internet Policies. If your employees are allowed to surf the web for personal reasons on their lunch, or if they are only to use the internet for work purposes – define it in your employee handbook.
  • Social Media Policies. If your employees should not be discussing their work on their social media profiles, or if you prefer they do not update their statuses during the workday, be sure to define the expectations and rules.
  • Legal Documentation. If your state or county requires any legal proclamations, including wage laws, employment taxes or workers’ compensation laws, you may want to include them in your handbook.
  • Vacation/Personal Time. Clearly define your vacation and personal time policies in the handbook. If an employee should request time off from a specific person, or if they should call in sick to a certain phone line, be sure to define the entire process and its rules here.

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