Let’s be realistic; warm weather is on the way and you’re about to get so busy you’ll probably start to forget what day it is! We’re talking jam-packed schedules full of beach days, summer vacations, and precious, long days of endless summer fun. The last thing you are going to find time to do is update your professional presence and think about jobs. It is a pattern we all fall into here in New England, and for a good reason – everyone loves summer, and no one likes updating resumes.

However, right now is the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning on your professional profile – just in case. It won’t take as long as you might think, and a little work now will carry you through the summer so you can rest easy and wait for the job offers to roll on in! (Ok, a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.)

Here are a few quick tips for a springtime refresh.

  1. An obvious one: update your resume. Add a few current skills and accomplishments, verify that the information is up to date and all information – especially contact information – is correct. Also, do a spell check! You can never do too many spell checks. Then, let the world know about it – a critical step. Pick a few places to upload a current copy – with a current date in the file name – so hiring teams can see it is not aging away on the internet. Target popular sites like monster.com and www.indeed.com as places to have an active copy working for you even when you aren’t thinking about a job search.
  1. Send the Masiello Recruiting Team a copy of your updated resume. We have our pulse on the job market and would love to be up to date on your job search requirements, even if it is passive.
  2. Tweak your LinkedIn profile. No need to go crazy, but make a few changes, clarify a few phrases, and add a couple of projects or accomplishments, just to keep it fresh. The internet has gotten very good at knowing when content was last updated, so even the slightest changes can mean a refreshed view from the outside.
  1. Get a professional looking headshot. Even if it is an iPhone snap on a neutral background, be sure you are using photos that are up to date. It is easy to tell when someone is using a ten-year-old photo. Current, up-to-date imagery speaks to professionalism.

See how quick and easy that was!

If you have any questions regarding your job search or need further tips and tricks on how to stay current – give us a call at 603-358-1000. Our recruiters are here diligently working jobs year ‘round and ready to help you tackle your next job search or fill any open positions you may have.