Exceptional talent can be hard to come by.Is Your Slow Hiring Process Costing You Talent?

Let’s face it. Sometimes it feels like there is war raging out there for employers trying to find top candidates.

And that’s not far from the truth.

With companies battling for the most exceptional candidates, the fact is that these talented individuals don’t stay on the market for long. And if your organization has a slow hiring process in place, you risk losing more and more top talent.

After all, with so many options available to them, why would highly qualified professionals want to put themselves through the torture of a long and tedious hiring process?

To create a winning experience, think about what’s important to the job seeker. Then incorporate it into your hiring process.

Here are a few suggestions to help improve (and hopefully speed up!) your hiring process:

  • Have a well-prepared and organized hiring process. Let candidates know how the interview process works and what to expect — and stick to it! The process should be efficient and feel seamless.
  • Be timely in your responses and clear in your communication. Answer any questions they have in detail and as quickly as possible. Keep them informed along the way.
  • Seek feedback and make adjustments. Ask candidates you hire, and even those you don’t, what they thought about your onboarding process. Use their feedback to implement effective changes.

While you should never sacrifice quality for immediacy, being open to tweaking your hiring process could be the key to improving the onboarding experience and helping to prevent losing exceptional talent.

Busy companies may not have the time to devote to enhancing an already-in-place process, but it is important to keep in mind the many benefits to having a satisfying hiring experience.

If you haven’t partnered with a staffing provider yet, reach out to one. Recruiters speak to and meet with top talent on a daily basis. They will be able to provide you with some valuable insight on the benefits of a partnership.

At Masiello, we can help you find a workforce best-suited to your business. If you find yourself hiring new staff, or are simply interested in more information, contact our expert staffing and recruiting team. We’d love to tell you how our services can benefit your organization.