evaluateEmployee reviews are an excellent way to monitor progress and maximize productivity. In addition, they allow you to document conversations and serve as proof that procedures are being followed.

Most companies understand the huge benefits of reviews and have evaluation processes in place, most common of which is the Year-End Review. But if a year-end review is the only assessment you administer, you might want to rethink that decision.

A lot happens in a year.

And if you wait until the end of the year to perform employee evaluations, you’ll only be adding stress to an already stressful time.

Here are a few reasons to consider evaluating employees at regular intervals throughout the year:

  • Regular evaluations allow you to set measurable goals for your employees, track their performances, and make modifications to those goals if a situation calls for it.
  • Consistent reviews help establish an open line of communication with employees. It’s a great opportunity for discussion – to receive and to offer meaningful feedback.
  • Routine reporting can also help minimize turnover and boost morale. Typically, good employees feel motivated after a good review and clear communication. They feel that they are being supported, listened to and being set up to be successful.
  • Checking in with your employees regularly allows an employer to both address problems and help solve them.
  • You can also use periodic evaluations as an opportunity to acknowledge your best performers, to help get/keep your midlevel employees on track, and to revisit expectations, standards and performance with your poor performing employees.
  • Reviews serve as documented proof of all your efforts to support underperforming employees and help defend any decision to terminate an employee who is performing poorly.
  • Habitual reviews help lessen stress across the board. Managers are aware of their employees’ progress, achievements and problems, and have an opportunity to help find solutions to those problems. There are less likely to be unwanted surprises. And there is more control over success and productivity, for both employer and employee.

If you wait until the end of the year to evaluate employees, you may be giving too much of your business’ time and money to employees who are not performing to company expectations or standards.  Routine reviews help prevent the prolonging of bad situations.

So shed the burden of poor performers, or unnecessary problems! Perform employee evaluations regularly and avoid being the employer who terminates employees during the holiday season.

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