Ever made a bad hire that wasn’t quite…bad? On paper, some candidates look like perfect hires. They may even ace their interview, and say all the right things. Then they join your team full-time, and people end up asking…

Who hired that guy?!

Sometimes candidates seem great throughout the hiring process, like perfect additions to your team. But then they come aboard and things just don’t work out. Technically, the candidate is skilled and, well, perfect. Something is just…missing.

A fit with your company culture is essential.

Some professionals are excellent, technically, but they simply do not fit in with your organization. And when there is a lack of cultural fit, an employee is doomed to fail. The cost to hire a typical employee is twice that employee’s annual salary. Can you afford to lose that much on a bad hire?

Ensure a cultural fit, and a better hire, by adding these questions to your interviews:

  1. What books have you read lately? This question is typically a good ice breaker, and it still may be, but the answer can help show whether a candidate will fit in with your team. If a candidate answers “Wordsworth and Coleridge,” and a vast majority of your team prefers sci-fi geek fiction, you may not have a good fit. This is not a knock on English Romantic Literature, but sometimes a bad fit is a bad fit!
  2. Do you volunteer in the community? If your organization spends one month volunteering locally as a team, you may want to hire employees who have a similar community-oriented spirit. Any ideas based on this information should avoid any political connotations, but should give you an indicator whether a person will fit in with the group.
  3. What do you think of
    [insert random trait]? Think of something. A TV show. An 80s one-hit wonder. And ask a candidate what his or her take on that “something” is. Even better, ask your team to make suggestions. It’s a great way to involve your team in the hiring process, and a fun question can bring about many different responses – gauge a candidate’s response as a tool to determine cultural fit.

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