how to write a resume

With ALL the talk about ChatGPT in the last few months, it’s no wonder people have started toying with how to write a resume using the AI tool. Users, from regular people experimenting at home to media outlets, like The Boston Globe, have been impressed by how savvy ChatGPT can be in many instances. 

But the tech has also sparked a lot of debate. When should it be considered useful and when is it not the right fit? Everyone from marketing team leaders to college professors are engaged in the conversation. 

There’s no question AI-generated writing is about to become a tool that’s embedded in many of our everyday tasks. But should something as important as creating your resume be one of them? Our answer is…maybe not yet and here’s why.

Accuracy Counts

ChatGPT works by drawing on a massive store of data sourced from text databases all over the internet. This can mean that not everything it generates is accurate or up-to-date. In several test runs ChatGPT was asked to create different versions of a resume. The results included unnecessary categories and faulty formatting. 

An article from CNBC also noted, “ChatGPT has its limitations. Responses from the chatbot can contain factual inaccuracies. For example, it can invent fictitious historical names and books that don’t exist.” So you have to be ready to thoroughly check any text the tool produces.

While it can create a foundation, ChatGPT doesn’t have the human knowledge of exactly what hiring managers expect. That’s where having a trusted staffing agency on your side can be a big benefit. We specialize in this work and do it every day. So we know exactly what should be in a resume…and what shouldn’t. 

Getting (and Sharing) Results 

inside woman's headChatGPT doesn’t know you or your experiences personally, which means it can state what you did but not how you accomplished it. More importantly, it can’t convey why your accomplishment mattered.

The strongest resumes are ones that lead with results. For example, a purchasing professional might use their valuable resume space to outline the cost savings they achieved for their previous employer. Or the percentage of wasted material they were able to reduce. Those kinds of action and results-based details are essential to a strong resume.

With an AI-written version, those critical specifics would be missing. And that could mean the difference between landing a promising interview or not.

Being Yourself

frustrated manWe get it; not all of us are writers, and updating your resume can be about as exciting as getting your wisdom teeth pulled. You’re right to be curious about how to write a resume the easy way. But going with AI may not be it. 

Yes, ChatGPT can create a well-written product. However, will that product sound like you? And will a potential employer be pleased when they find out the writing in your resume doesn’t align with your actual communication skills?

If you want to end up in a satisfying role and build a strong relationship with your new company, honesty is the best policy. That means writing a clean, clear resume that sounds like you. To reach that goal, you’re better off getting insights and support from a trusted editor who knows you and knows what a resume requires. Your personal Staffing Manager is an excellent resource!

Getting Personal Matters