How to Get Promoted

How do you turn a temp job into one with potential for full-time employment? Or get promoted? These choices depend on a business’ plan for growth. But there are also ways to set yourself up for new opportunities. And temp jobs offer a chance to demonstrate your worth for an open position ahead of a pile of resumes. 

Working a temporary – temp – position has many advantages. It gives both parties a chance to see if the job and hire are a good match in terms of job fit and company culture. For example, David Shindler, an employability specialist and author of Learning to Leap says, “It’s a two-way street, as employers can see how you perform and how you fit in. I know of people who have had jobs created for them as a result of the impact they have made while working in a temp job.” 

For employees, temporary jobs can smooth a career change to a new field or provide employment during a period of uncertainty. They can also offer extra cash or present a chance to get a foot in the door. At the same time, these roles help employers fill staffing gaps and buffer large, seasonal work loads. 

Masiello Employment Services works with many businesses and individuals who benefit from temp positions. We witness how it can be a pathway to full-time employment. Here are our top tips to get a leg up on your next great career move!

Pro Tip: These same ideas help if you’re looking to get promoted too!

Ensuring temp to full-time is even an option.

Some temp jobs are just that – temporary. If you’re ultimately interested in full-time, do your research and make sure it’s a possibility before you apply. 

Pro-Tip: Don’t be pushy, but let your boss know you’d love to work full-time. Bosses aren’t mind readers!

connecting with co-workers

Show up 100% of the time.

Commit on day one to being reliable, presenting your best work and treating your temp job like a full-time job. When you show you care about the job, people notice you’re invested in making your career and the company grow and thrive. 

If you can make yourself valuable and show the company how valuable you are, you may even have a job created for you. Get promoted by anticipating the needs of the business, streamlining processes, establishing strong metrics, or even presenting new ideas about how you – and the company – can excel. 

Pro-Tip: Show initiative by making a list of useful action steps you can perform in your role and pitch them to your boss. 

get promoted

Get invested in the company.

Network with co-workers and develop strong relationships across the company, especially with key decision makers. Use those strong soft skills to weave yourself into the company community. Some ways to do this include reporting job status and answering requests in a timely manner. You can also show your dedication by asking valuable questions and doing your research rather than making assumptions. 

Stand out!

Above and beyond showing up, get promoted by serving up impressive work. Be your unique self and don’t hide amongst the crowd. Make friends around the office by working toward the goals of co-workers and your boss, offering to help as needed. Be proud of yourself and the value you bring to the company. And be patient. 

A temporary job is a chance to gain experience and skills that allow you to level up your career. It may be at the same company or in a new position. Either way, making the most of the experience can lead to career advancement. 

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