Spring is in the air – and with it comes a sense of renewal for many New Englanders. It’s time for the annual tradition of spring cleaning, when we not only repair all the plow damage to the exterior of our homes but also work on sprucing up the insides before the warm days of summer arrive.

And, as many of you know, there’s currently a trend in play for beautifying and simplifying your personal space, energized by the Netflix show with Marie Kondo, aptly named “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” The show, inspired by her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is being credited for a nationwide surge in cleaner homes. And we wholeheartedly support this trend!

Marie often refers to the process of decluttering your home as leading to joy and thinks it can even be life-changing! Who are we to argue?

Says Ms. Kondo in this article:

With each return of springtime, my energy is renewed. I look forward to being outdoors with my daughters, reading and writing by my window, and walking along the shore. I imagine this reawakening starting from within me and radiating outward, beginning in my home and extending into the activities that I love. I approach spring-cleaning as an expression of gratitude to the belongings that had made my winter comfortable and the initiation of a new beginning in myself. “

Piggybacking on this trend, we suggest taking extra time this month to begin fresh and start removing items in your home that you don’t need. Moreover, don’t just toss them away – be sure to donate them to someone who can repurpose/resell/reuse them that may be less fortunate or in need of an upgrade.

Locally, the Keene Senior Center has the Bargain Box Thrift Shop that accepts donations to resell – with proceeds going to help the senior community. We also have the Keene Corps of the Salvation Army in Swanzey, and our local homeless Shelter, One Hundred Nights has an ongoing donation wish list of items needed to help local people secure new housing.

And once you decide to spring clean your homes and personal space, you may then want to reassess your current job situation. Sometimes we need a spring cleaning of our jobs as well! Give our recruiters at Masiello Employment Services a call, and we can help you clean up your employment situation by finding you the best workers or a new position that leads to even more joy.