Mentorship and PartnershipDoes your company have a mentoring program in place?

Yes? Great!

No? It’s time to implement one.

A career mentor program is incredibly advantageous. These partnerships result in more knowledgeable and more committed employees – mentors and mentees alike feel that they are highly valued by the business. Furthermore, many companies that have implemented mentor programs have been successful in decreasing turnover and increasing productivity.

It is a great way to both protect and receive a return on the investment you make in your employees!

Additional benefits include:

  • Employee engagement.  Employees who are not intellectually and emotionally invested in their work or company are less likely to stay in a position long-term. One way to gain an employee’s interest is to show a genuine interest in them. A mentoring program is a sign to an employee that the company they work for is invested in their success. They will feel like a vital part of an organization. This will, in turn, instill in them a sense of loyalty to the organization.
  • Enhanced work relationships:  Because a mentor program is by design cooperative, open communication is both promoted and supported.  Mentees will have the opportunity to ask their mentors questions, possibly voice frustrations, and receive feedback and encouragement on a regular basis. It not only helps build trust, it boosts employee connections.
  • Saved time and increased productivity. Mentoring speeds up the learning process without negatively impacting the pace of business. Mentees will have direct access to individuals who are knowledgeable in the field and who have an understanding of the company culture. This allows the mentee to receive a clearer image of the job expectations and the importance of their role to the organization.
  • Leadership development. Mentoring allows you to develop employees with the potential to fill key leadership positions and future management roles. If you know your employees’ career goals and objectives you can determine how they align with the company’s goals.  (A mentorship also improves the leadership abilities of your senior employees!)
  • A “culture of shared learning.”  A mentor partnership simplifies the sharing of skills, observations, and experiences – and the lessons learned. Learning and communicating ideas becomes natural and not “mandatory.”  It’s also a great platform to spark innovation and creativity.

A career mentor program could be key to keeping your new employees engaged. It could also revitalize your more senior employees and secure your company’s future!

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