We’ve all had them: those days that just don’t seem to go your way. You know – the workday blues. Lucky for you, Masiello Employment is here to help you put an end to those off days by presenting our trusty top 8 bad-work-day antidotes to turn that tired energy around! Try these sure-fire cures to fix your case of the Mondays next time it comes around:

  1. Listen to music. If your workplace allows you to play music, crank some of your favorite, mood-boosting tunes and let the calm happiness cascade over you.
  1. Breathe some fresh air. Take an early lunch and head outside for a few deep breaths. If the weather is nice, take a walk, and ask a co-worker to join you if the company would be appreciated. The very act of doing something can give your body and mind a hard reset. Try it – it works!
  1. Enlist HR. If the upsetting situation is the personal kind, don’t keep it to yourself or complain (yet again) to your significant other—instead, talk to someone in Human Resources and work to find positive resolutions to the issue.
  1. Snack. It’s important to drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruits and veggies, and enjoy caffeine in small quantities, but—during a bad day—it’s okay to find a bit of comfort in those only-occasional indulgences, whether it’s a few bites of your favorite chocolate or an entire bag of potato chips.
  1. Refocus. You know, it only seems like everything is going wrong. Take a few mental steps back and refocus on the situation, homing in on all those elements that are going right. We know, easier said than done, but if you try – you might just succeed!
  1. Take note. If you can, write down what’s bothering you—sometimes documenting a concern or experience gives you the perspective to better handle it.
  1. Have a good cry. Whatever your age or gender, sometimes a good cry works wonders. So, if you feel like the release would help, head into the bathroom and give yourself a few minutes to let it all out.
  1. Laugh. Find a co-worker that always makes you laugh or download a puppy video—do what it takes to turn that frown upside down. Laughter really is the best medicine.

We are wondering: What do you do to improve a bad work day? Please let us know!

In the meantime, remember that Masiello Employment can help you find that perfect, bad-day-free job anytime—our recruiting team is here for a free consultation; just give us a call.