This Monday, June 18th is International Picnic Day, the best-ever excuse to head outside with co-workers or friends and family (or a good book!) for lunch.

Here at Masiello Employment, we know the value of spending time in the great outdoors during your work day—or during your looking-for-work day—and we’ve compiled a few perfect-picnic secrets.

#1. Arrange the Right Group. Unless you’re planning to picnic alone, it’s important to invite friends that will complement each other or ask everyone in your department or area at work as you don’t want to overlook someone and create bad feelings. If you think it’s necessary, set up clear boundaries for the picnic (e.g. a rule banning political comments or conversations).

#2. Pick the Right Spot. A sunny knoll is inviting, but having a sun-dappled location (under a leafy tree) or having the option of full shade (near a pavilion) is a better choice for keeping cool and comfy.

#3. Bring Something for Everyone. If it’s not a bring-your-own picnic and you’re supplying food for everyone, be sure to include all types of culinary options (gluten-free, vegan, etc.), so everyone has something to eat. Also bring crunchy elements, like chips and popcorn, and lots of different condiments, from pickles to mustard. And don’t forget dessert!

#4. Pack More Than Food. You’ll want one or several clean blankets, of course, as well as hand wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, a sharp pocket knife, cutting board, serving spoons, even a portable music player; if possible, bring battery-powered fans to keep flies and mosquitos at bay.

#5. Store Perishables Properly. Mayonnaise-based potato salad is notorious for spoiling in the sun (and spoiling the fun by resulting in stomach cramps, or worse). Store everything on ice in reliable coolers.

#6. Bring Plenty of Liquids. It’s especially important to keep hydrated. While you might want to spike the punch, make sure you avoid adding alcohol during a work-related picnic, especially if it’s during the lunch hour.

#7. Think Green. You’re dining with Mother Nature, so show her a little respect. Pack real, recyclable, or compostable plates and cutlery, cloth napkins, dish clothes to pick up any spills, a bag for recycling all recycleables, and a trash bag to handle waste.

Looking for work is no picnic unless you have the right resources. Masiello Employment is here to help you find your perfect job—just give our recruiting team a call.