millennial-300x265Every organization has an onboarding process in place. And while it may have served you well for many years, the times are changing and both your management style and training procedures will need to adapt to accommodate the next generation of employees – The Millennials.

Millennials have grown up in a world unlike that of the Baby Boomers or Generation X-ers – a world of technology, praise and instant gratification. As a result, they have a different approach to life and work.

If you want to effectively engage and excite millennial employees, here are five things you will need to do differently:

  • Keep things brief. Millennials have a short attention span – feel free to blame it on technology. Long trainings or thick training materials are going to bore them. If you want to keep their interest, develop smaller chunks of easy-to-process and clear information.
  • Make information easily and quickly accessible. Millennials want everything right away, including information. When they have questions, they expect immediate answers. Try to have resources readily available to keep them informed and motivated to learn more about the organization.
  • Try to make things fun. Millennials will lose interest if every day, or every task, is monotonous. Break up routines – incorporate fun images/videos into presentations, utilize social media, design an office intranet, or consider involving your millennial employees in brand development. Seize opportunities to incorporate technology; it will keep your millennial employees engaged.
  • Challenge them. Many millennials have a drive to learn and many of them desire to be the best at everything. Offering opportunities to learn new skills, or take on new tasks will feed their drive to succeed. And don’t worry about giving them too many tasks. Millennials welcome diversity in tasks and are used to multitasking. (Remember that aforementioned short attention span?)
  • Offer feedback and encouragement regularly. Millennials appreciate regular feedback and praise. Are they doing a good job? Did you notice how hard they worked on that last project? Giving them immediate feedback and recognition on a job well done is a great way to ensure that they feel appreciated and acknowledged. Also, remember to invite them to share ideas and ensure that they feel heard and are taken seriously.

With millennials soon to make up a large number of the workforce, adjusting your processes to ensure their success will be the key to the future success of your business.

If you’ve had difficulty with millennials, consider partnering with a staffing firm. Not only are they experts at finding exceptional talent, they are familiar with strategic planning and coaching.

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