After you spend all week at your job – or looking for a job – a summer weekend is a terrific time to put the smartphone away, put on some sunscreen (and bug spray), and get back to nature. In Masiello Employment’s hometown of Keene, New Hampshire and the surrounding areas, there are several places where you can relax and recharge with Mother Nature; here are a few of our favorites:

Greater Goose Pond Forest

The most significant city-owned open space in Keene, this 1,044-acre forest is a pristine, easily-accessible place to hike, bike, and fish (or cross-country ski in the winter) while ooh-ing and ahh-ing at streams, wetlands, and indigenous habitats and animals. Check out the Land Stewardship Plan to learn how the city proposes to protect and maintain this special place and its native wildlife and plant species over the next decade and, hopefully, beyond.

Appel Way Trail

This easy, flat paved trail extends for 1.3 miles in northern Keene, connecting Ashuelot River Park (to the east) and Wheelock Park (to the west). You’ll pass parks and natural spaces along with prime examples of Victorian architecture, for a country-meets-city stroll.

Jonathan Daniels Trail

Part of the Appel Way Trail includes the Jonathan Daniels trail, which begins downtown Keene at the intersection of Island Street and the Cheshire River Trail. Before reaching the Appel Way Trail, it heads along the Ashuelot River for three-quarters of a mile, passing a public park and running through the site of the oldest known human settlement in the state, dating back over 10,000 years. During the right season of the year, and at the right time of day, you might spot blue heron, loons, or nighthawks.

Cheshire River Trail

This 32.9-mile trail runs from Walpole through Keene to Fitzwilliam, heading along the former railroad trails that first put Keene on the map (Keene was settled nearly 300 years ago and developed a reputation in the mid-1800s as the meet-up point for a trio of important railroads). Instead of steam engines, you can now get across this trail powered by your own engines (walking or running) or on a bike or a horse in summer or cross-country skis or snowshoes in winter.

Sunset Rock

Take Beech Hill Trail through a 180-acre wooded hillside preserve, following a lower section (which is steep and challenging) to the upper section (with a gentler grade) to Sunset Rock. Plan your timing right and you’ll enjoy breath-taking views of the Keene valley at sunset.

Keene is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful spots in New England, if not the country. Help keep it that way by donating to and/or volunteering with Pathways for Keene. This non-profit promotes the maintenance, development, and use of alternative transportation in the city via the pathways system, including many of the trails mentioned above.

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