Do you dream of the Big Top? You know, the lights, trapeze, magicians, tigers, and death-defying stunts? Did you ever think that you too could be part of a fantastic circus show locally or around the world?

Well, you can! Just for fun this week we thought we would head on over to Vermont and look at a local business that is genuinely unique…the New England Center for Circus Arts.

Yes, you heard correctly! There’s an actual circus “school” located in Brattleboro, Vermont. For those who want to learn (no experience necessary), there are classes you can take to teach you how to be a circus superstar. Love watching performances but not into being the performer? No problem. The school also puts on a number of shows for circus fans to watch the acts.

So, you are probably wondering – how can you be involved in circus school?

Here’s are some of the essential ways this nonprofit makes circus performances available to the general public:

Flight Nights. (Flying Trapeze Drop-Ins) These are special evenings where guests and students can strut their stuff on the wire, over a safety net (of course). These events are for all levels of students to get on the tightrope and perform.

Private Events. If you love the circus and want to share with friends and families, you can rent space at the school for birthdays or special events and be entertained in style. Birthday Party event rentals include everything you need from instruction to birthday cake. Learn more here.

Juggle Jams. Enthralled by the art of juggling? Catch the professionals in the act during the centers Juggle Jams.  On certain Wednesdays from 7:30pm – 9:00pm you can catch world-champion juggler and mischief-maker Tony Duncan who hosts this weekly juggling extravaganza for newbies or experienced jugglers alike.

Beta Nights. These regularly scheduled evenings of circus-style entertainment are specifically designed for local performers and community members to showcase their art in real-time, in front of a real audience. They display new acts being honed and perfected for public consumption, works-in-progress, old pieces that need dusting off, or any kind of creative circus endeavor imaginable. People tend to be silly, weird, fun, or artistically “risky” so you never quite know what to expect. The school encourages visitors to join in the fun with their own act, or just enjoy some fun and creative folks doing what they do best. All skill levels, ages, and performance styles are welcome.

Got an Itch to Learn? NECCA offers all kinds of training for all ages. From youth camps to adult sessions and in-depth workshops, you can immerse yourself in circus culture and train with the professionals. Just keep an eye on the events calendar for opportunities of interest to you.

We love the diversity of our community, from New England Farms and Fields to local Circus activities, we’ve got it all here in the Monadnock Region. When you’re ready to take on a new job or move up the corporate ladder, hire staff, or expand your current business, Masiello Employment is here for you!