Like it or not—use it or not—technology now plays a major role in finding and landing a job. The latest job postings are found online not in newspapers. Resumes are uploaded – not printed and mailed. Some interviews are conducted face-to-screen not face-to-face.

So, what do you do if you consider yourself technology challenged?

You don’t panic or get upset or down on yourself. There are many (many!) people in the same traditional shoes as you—and, depending on how they approach the issue, they can clear all the job-hunting hurdles with ease, even if they sometimes want to throw their computer out a window.

Here at Masiello Employment, we help everyone find a job, whether they’re tech wizards or not; here’s our best advice for clearing job-hunting hurdles for the technology challenged:

  1. Get Help. Identify a trusted friend or family member who knows his or her way around a computer and the Internet, explain your objectives, and—assuming he or she is fully onboard—rely on this person’s guidance and counsel to help you use technology to find and land a job.
  1. Get a Computer. If this already seems like a giant step, don’t fear. There are many options, some very simple to use and affordably priced. Enlist your computer resource (that trusted and tech-savvy friend or family member) to help you navigate the sea of choices to find the one that’s best for you and your needs.
  1. Take a Computer Class. Many libraries offer free computer classes—look to your local resource and take advantage of every class offered. If none is available, most computers come installed with a basic program that walks new users through all the offerings; you might even find your computer resource is willing to sit down with you for a few hours to show you all the ropes; as a final option, consider taking classes at a community college.
  1. Create a Current Resume. You’ll need a resume that has a modern layout and uses a modern font. There are many resources available to you to help create and review a resume: again, look to your local library, your computer resource, community college, and even sources like Masiello Employment (our recruiting team will offer feedback on your resume); computer programs like Microsoft® Word also has templates you can use to make a resume.
  1. Create a Social Media Presence. Employers often look beyond a resume and cover letter to get to know a candidate. They’ll visit Facebook profiles, Instagram accounts, Twitter feeds, etc. This might all sound like Greek to you but, trust us, they’re ridiculously easy to use once you take that first step. Each program is truly user-friendly and will walk you, patiently, through the sign-up process. If doubt or fear creeps in, ask your computer resource to help you. And it’s not enough to have these accounts—make sure you update them frequently to show your personality… and to show you know how to use the technology.
  1. Know Your Preferred Industry. Your dream job might require your proficiency in select technology. Instead of writing off the job altogether, give yourself a chance. Get books on the subject, take classes, practice at home—do whatever it takes to gain proficiency. You don’t want fear or stubbornness to be the only thing standing between you and your dream job. 
  1. Familiarize Yourself with Online Applications. Many companies prefer—and some may exclusively use—online applications. Meaning, you can’t print out and mail a resume anymore. Instead of seeing this as a negative, flip the switch and see the positives. You don’t need to buy paper for your printer. You don’t need to buy a stamp. You don’t need to wait in line at the post office. You can apply for your dream job from the comforts of home. Most online applications ask you to fill out a basic form (name, address, employment history, etc.) and then ask you to upload your resume (which just means attaching your digital resume to your online application). The first time you apply online, ask your computer resource to help, looking over your shoulder to make sure you fill in every required field and attach the correct file. Once you apply online once or twice, it becomes old hat.

If you’re reading this online, you might not qualify as technology challenged but, chances are, you know people who are. Print this out and share it with those in your life who see technology as an impossibly high hurdle. While you’re at it, share this with everyone else so they can print it out for the technology challenged in their lives. Together, we’ll make them all tech pros—and help them land that dream job!

At Masiello Employment, we love technology but we love the personal touch even more. Our recruiting team is here for a free consultation; just give us a call.