A handmade vase. A custom sun catcher. A personalized painting. DIY holiday gifts are extra-special because they’re made by hand and made with love—and, as a big bonus, they don’t break the bank.

Some may think it’s best to leave gift-making to the pros, but everybody’s got talent, even if it’s well hidden. For equal doses of inspiration and education, visit any of the gift-making resources offered in Masiello Employment’s hometown of Keene, New Hampshire. These classes (and patient instructors) help you learn new skills, or hone existing abilities so that you can make more gifts than Santa’s elves:

Keene Community Education: Through Adult Enrichment Classes, you can learn to weave a basket, create a tabletop boxwood tree, even make a vase (or something that’s supposed to be a vase).

Monadnock Art Parties: Gather together some friends, uncork your favorite wine, and paint your own work of art in a casual, relaxed environment that emphasizes fun and encourages natural abilities.

Glazy For You: This hands-on pottery studio offers a ceramics class, as you’d expect, and also surprises with unique workshops like making a Welcome Mat or a Nostalgic Christmas Tree.

Home Depot: Go to this home improvement store to get a new nail gun, and stay to take any number of free classes, like building a holiday magazine holder or making a gingerbread man ornament.

The Hot Glass Art Center: Take a glassblowing lesson or book a team event at this local ‘hot shop.’ Whether you are honing your skills, or a first-timer looking to make something awesome, they have day, evening, and weekend lessons available to teach you how to make blown glass items of your own – a perfect gift.

Studio 550 Art Center: Take a day trip to Manchester for a slew of One-Day Pottery and Craft Workshops—they can teach you to make a range of unique items, from a sun catcher or picture frame to a succulent terrarium—and turn you into a gift-making machine.

Happy holidays from all of us at Masiello Employment! When you’re ready to gift yourself a new job, give us a call; our recruiting team is available for a free consultation.