It can be challenging to compete in today’s fast-paced job economy, standing out amongst your peers can be challenging. However, setting yourself apart from the pack is an essential skill for getting the best jobs, quickly. To aid you in the process, here are some quick tips to help you better understand just how to differentiate yourself and get noticed by employers when searching for your next role.

Tip #1: Be the Subject Matter Expert

Anyone can claim to have a job-related skill, talent, or proficiency. Yet it is how you present your mastery of that skill that matters.  For example, a mason works with stone. On a resume or employment application, he/she can attest to having “worked with stonecutting for the past 12 years, having built various projects for numerous clients.”

However, that is the same as everyone else engaged in that profession, and it does nothing to differentiate you from the rest of the pack.

Now, let’s say that same stonemason has “designed high value, beautiful hardscaping projects using the most modern techniques and styles, receiving merit from Architectural Magazine for top newcomers to watch in the Greater Atlanta region.” This says a lot more about who this person is, and more importantly, what they have done.

Always take your high-level skills and translate them into differentiating factors – what makes you unique – and start to promote them, truthfully, both through your words and via a resume or work profile.

Tip #2: Learn to Market Yourself (Better)

We are all fed marketing materials regularly, from every angle. We wear logos on our clothing for reasons we may never understand – we are walking billboards with someone else’s brand. For free!

You can take a tip from these marketers and begin to focus on building a campaign to actively promote yourself. Highlight the best parts about you that make you unique and develop clear, succinct messaging to share yourself with others.

Consider a car salesman’s experience, having “successfully sold automobiles to Greater Boston clientele.”  Someone looking to stand out would go above and beyond this basic sentiment to “increase sales of high-end automobiles year over year, becoming expert in the SUV category of luxury automobiles, eventually realizing an increase in return customers and consistently ranking in the top ten salespeople year over year.”

See the difference? Whom would you rather hire? While we are talking about mere words, and maybe even some hyperbole (call it marketing), by becoming a catalyst for the skills utilized in your work, you become your work. Be the subject matter expert and try to position yourself as top-of-mind when people have a question about your industry.

If you find yourself limited by what you can personally accomplish at work, take your professional skills outside the job arena. There are actions you can take on the periphery. By joining clubs/associations or training events, you can further your mastery of a subject and differentiate your uniqueness, even in a job that may not reward you for such actions. Taking classes online, gaining certifications, or even just staying current on trends and topics (by going outside the box of your day to day work requirements) will give that a step up on the competition. After all, knowledge is power.

So, the next time you stop and ask yourself how to best position yourself to stand out in the pack, first dig deep into yourself. Bring out all the things that make you, you, and actively promote those factors to anyone and everyone who will listen. Be the subject matter expert, be the leader, and set yourself apart from the proverbial pack through a combination of words and actions. It works, try it for yourself! Moreover, if you have any questions along the way, reach out to one of the recruiters at Masiello Employment and we can help!