As we countdown to December 25th, we at Masiello Employment got to thinking about all the holiday “favorites” that not everyone favors, from the type of tree you decorate (assuming you decorate one at all!) to your approach to holiday cards. With so much to unwrap and discuss, let’s get right to it!

Elvis & Bing or Whitney & Mariah

There are lots (and lots!) of holiday songs to listen to this time of year. Do you prefer classic or contemporary tunes? Or do you turn on the radio to a holiday-music station and enjoy whatever is on? Or do you switch the channel whenever something particularly festive comes on?

Traditional Flicks or Hallmark Movies

When holiday music isn’t playing, it might be because a holiday movie is on TV. Do you prefer something you’ve watched for decades (like It’s a Wonderful Life) or something new on Hallmark (like A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas)? Or do you turn on the TV and enjoy whatever holiday moving is playing? Or would you rather watch anything than a holiday movie, no matter its pedigree?

Tree Talk

If you put up a holiday tree in your house, is it a real, fresh-cut, smells-great tree or an easy, doesn’t-shed-any-needles artificial tree?

Tinsel or au naturel?

It seems that tinsel, that shiny twinkling substance loved by cats throughout the ages, has seemingly fallen out of favor as of late. Do you prefer your tree twinkling with sheets of silver icicles or would you rather the evergreen needles speak for themselves?

It’s In the Cards

Do you send personalized holiday cards (complete with custom images and messages) or do you prefer to send something pre-made? Or perhaps you don’t send cards at all?

Decorate or Decor-hate

Is the outside of your house outfitted with so many lights it keeps the neighbors up at night or is it more low-key? Or do you decorate only inside your house? Or do you prefer not to decorate anything at all?

Something Sweet

Gingerbread men or sugar cookies? Or are you not a fan of cookies in general?

Weather or Not

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas or do you prefer a storm-free, no-snow, easy-driving holiday?

There’s No Place Like…

Do you head home for the holidays or do you stay home for the holidays?

Knock, Knock

Do you answer the door for Christmas Carolers or do you pretend like no one’s home?

Secret Santa vs. Yankee Swap vs. Pick-a-Name vs. Get Something for Everyone

“Gift” is kind of the four-letter-word of the season as we all feel the pressure to find perfect presents. Do you get something for every single person or do you prefer to pick one name out of a group to buy something just for that person? Or perhaps Yankee Swap or Secret Santa is more to your liking?

Budget or Bust

However long your shopping list might be, do you stick to a budget or do you like to buy that just-right gift, no matter the price?

Being a Believer

Do you believe in Santa or…. no, never mind, of course you believe!

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