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As the first line of defense for any business, having efficient and motivated office staff is key to smooth operation. The trick is, how do you identify and secure top quality employees for your office staffing positions? Start with understanding what makes an individual qualified for the job. Consider a job seeker’s potential to benefit your company while they build off their current skills. Lastly, remember that company culture, career advancement, and rewarding work are key to retaining top talent. 

Every day at Masiello Employment Services, we help local and national businesses recruit highly skilled job seekers by truly listening to each company’s needs and then designing custom staffing solutions. Additionally, we can provide your hiring managers with resumes from top talent ready to get working today. For office staffing needs, let’s dive into the details of what you’re really looking for. 

Administrative Assistant

The Front Line of Your Business

It’s true that the face and voice of your company is represented by your office staff. They answer the phones, send your emails, and handle customer care. This all means that having a bright, effective individual will absolutely determine your client experience. To this end, it may even dictate customer loyalty. Clearly, it’s essential that your new office staffing recruit be an individual who values a consistent, quality experience for your customers.

Teamwork is Key

People who work in office staffing need to have great teamwork skills. From entry level office staff to managers, having the ability to play nicely with others should be a must. But there’s more to it than that. Office staff must have strong communication skills. And, that starts with the ability to listen to others’ ideas, communicate their own, and treat co-workers with respect and kindness. Well-rounded professionalism can be intuitive or learned, but it’s simply essential. 

Bring Their Own Ideas

Truly great office staff don’t just tout the company line. They invest in their company instead. Look for creative individuals for new recruits. Your current staff may be well versed in all the details that make your company great, but they can always benefit from fresh perspective. 

Office staff

Ability to Work Without Supervision

There is a beautiful thing that happens when a new staff member feels comfortable within the company, is supported and inspired by management, and can be left alone to do their job with competency and care. Suddenly, long-time staff can tackle unattended items on their to-do list, knowing the front desk is in good hands. It’s in that moment when companies level up and reach new potential. 

Job Descriptions for Office Staffing Positions

Beyond these critical characteristics, office staff should also possess a clear list of qualifications. General administrative skills are important, as well as any industry or company-specific needs you may have. When creating your job description, carefully consider what a new recruit can easily pick up on once employed and what they need to already understand before they start. 

For instance, it’s the difference between knowing your industry-specific software versus simply having strong computer skills. While it may be great to hire someone who has worked with your software previously, it will dramatically lower your pool of qualified job seekers. Instead, it may be best to search for candidates you can train easily. 

In short, develop a clear and concise list of necessary qualifications, such as:

  • Number of years of technical experience 
  • Ability to remain professional, including during stressful situations
  • Strong customer care skills
  • Ability to work cohesively as a team and communicate well
  • Solid organizational and time management skills
  • Strong values and a match for your company’s culture 

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Masiello Excels at Office Staffing

The experienced Staffing Managers at Masiello can make finding solutions to your staffing needs a breeze. As professionals in the business, we understand what makes a good company/job seeker match. 

First off, we’ll listen to the particular needs of your company and what qualities you’d like to see in candidates. We know that the right hire makes a huge difference between filling a seat and finding a long-term star employee. Contact us today and let’s get started!