entry level jobs

You’re a new grad! You’re here! You’ve arrived! You’re ready to bring your skills into the professional world. But the job market can be intimidating. You might not know which direction you want to take. 

Fortunately, entry level jobs, which require little to no experience, can be a great match as you explore your options. Build your resume, your skill set, and your professional sense of self at the same time. 

At Masiello, our focus is on positions in Office & Administration, Finance & Accounting, Light Industrial, and Skilled Manufacturing. So we’ve put together a list of entry level jobs to serve as the launch pad for your new career. 

Office & Administrative

administrative assistantAdmin work is required across virtually all companies that have a substantial client base and maintain a medium to large staff. Entry level work in this field does not usually require a higher education degree. It typically revolves around scheduling, working with customers, and assisting with administrative tasks. 

Customer Service Representative 

This type of position requires proficiency with data entry and interpersonal communication. You’ll be working to fulfill client orders, ship or expedite packages, and handle customer inquiries. 

As a desk job, it requires that you arrive on time, maintain a tidy workstation, and demonstrate attention to detail. Being good on the phone and responsive to email are also strengths in this role. If this feels right for you, take a look at this available position.  


A scheduler organizes workflow by maintaining calendars for various departments. This person might also arrange meetings, travel, and interdepartmental gatherings. It requires someone with excellent organizational skills and the ability to communicate well with others. Talking with coworkers, superiors, and clients is a key component, as well as an excellent sense of time. 

Administrative Assistant 

This position is a supportive role within the office community. An administrative assistant handles answering phone calls, processing requests from managers, maintaining hard work orders, and managing email inquiries. 

A college degree may be preferred for this work, as it is considered a higher role within the office. However, a high school diploma could also be acceptable for a candidate with the right attitude and skills. If this is a job that interests you, take a look at this offering from us here.

Finance & Accounting

Accounting ClerkIf you’ve got a head for numbers, then a career in finance and accounting might be the place for you. There are several entry level positions in this industry that offer promising promotions for candidates. Keep in mind that part of the expectation for entry level positions means that there will be training involved. 

Accounting Clerk 

This position is perfect for someone straight out of high school looking to enter the job market immediately. An accounting clerk is an entry level role that assists the accounting department of a company with a variety of tasks. These include processing invoices, organizing department mail, recording business transactions, and even managing customer accounts. 

Organizational skills and a knack for filing are key for success in this job. A fundamental knowledge of arithmetic is also important, as bookkeeping and number crunching are also part of the job. So if math was your favorite subject in school, perhaps accounting is a career for you. 

Accounts Payable and/or Receivable

Another entry level position is an accounts payable or receivable job. It’s all about paying bills in a timely and efficient manner. It provides clerical support for the finance department and the office in general. 

In this role, you will be required to process invoices, monitor invoices, and keep records for tax season. It’s important for helping the company meet its profitability goals. Again, having ahead for numbers is essential.

Staff Accountant 

Being a staff accountant requires more than just a high school education. It’s an excellent entry level choice for college graduates with an associate or bachelor degree in finance or mathematics. 

Staff accountants oversee reporting, financial ledgers, and keeping up tax obligations. They’re also expected to follow GAAP, generally accepted accounting principles. While this is entry level work, you may be asked to fill some higher-level tasks to further your knowledge. 

Depending on the size of the company, you could be the sole staff accountant or a member of a large team. If this is a job that interests you, find more here

Payroll Specialist

The payroll specialist is responsible for making sure employees get paid! This includes withholding both state and federal taxes, providing the correct wage to the correct employee, and maintaining payroll records. 

These employees are expected to be up-to-date on state and federal tax codes, benefit withholding, payroll laws and regulations, and wage laws. It’s a great fit for someone just out of college with a degree in finance. 

Light Industrial

Warehouse ClerkWhile we’ve discussed entry level jobs that happen behind a desk, there are also plenty of other roles that help keep companies running. Here are just a few examples…


An assembler is an entry level employee who helps construct the company product. The tasks included are machine operation, assembly of product, and quality control of the assembled parts. 

Though some experience in manufacturing is sometimes preferred, companies are more than willing to train the right candidate. So if you’re a fan of working with your hands, can lift more than 10 pounds throughout the day, have good hand eye coordination, and excellent motor skills, this might be the entry level job for you. Check out this current opening

Production Associate 

A step up from the assembler on the entry level chain is the production associate. This position requires excellent communication skills with the production team. The production associate is in charge of providing daily duties and maintaining deadlines.

The position also involves being in charge of final quality control of the finished product, as well as keeping the production line stocked with the necessary equipment and materials. General maintenance and some office work may also be required. Depending on the company, a college degree may be needed. 

Warehouse Clerk 

The warehouse clerk is in charge of organization within the warehouse. A clean and well operating warehouse is key to the efficiency of the company. Warehouse clerks are expected to verify inventory, deliver incoming products, complete data entry, pack and unpack items, and store them in the correct location. 

They are also expected to assist with inspection and conformance of products received and manage outbound shipments. Communication and computer skills are important for this position, as well as physical fitness. If this sounds like a good fit for you, check out this job listing we have for in Bellows Falls, VT.


Another physically demanding job, this entry level position is about loading and unloading trucks. Light industrial warehouses see a lot of materials coming in and a lot of materials moving out. Shipping and receiving positions guarantee efficiency. 

This can be done using machinery like forklifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks, cranes, and other types of equipment. Shipping and receiving personnel also work closely with the warehouse clerk to make sure all of the shipping records, labels, and weights are correct. It’s perfect for someone who enjoys working with their hands.

Skilled Manufacturing

CNC MachinistSkilled manufacturing tends to require more training or education. You can advance through the ranks, but these entry level jobs are better suited to those who have some level of manufacturing training under their belt and can perform the tasks accordingly. 

CNC Machinist 

CNC machinists are tradespersons who are able to shape metal and other material into products. This often involves using various machines and even programming machines to fabricate products. 

As a CNC machinist, you’ll make a variety of different products from ball bearings to bone screws to steel bolts. Some of the tools involved include fitters, grinders, mold makers, and tool and die makers. 

In many cases, this role requires some experience. But a business may be willing to train a promising candidate. So if you’re skilled in manufacturing and looking for advancement in an ever-changing market, check out this job posting near Keene, NH. 

Manufacturing Technician 

This position involves the operation of industrial equipment to make products, work with manufacturing tools, and inspect finished products for flaws. Manufacturing technicians also work with maintenance to keep machines fit and functional. 

Manufacturing technicians typically build larger products like automobiles, medical supplies and equipment, and commercial supplies. This entry level position may require experience. But again, a good company is more than willing to train the right candidate. 

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