Technology has changed the way we do many things – including hiring.Do You Know What an Employer Looks for in Your Online Presence?

That’s why it’s incredibly important to stop and think about your online presence and the impression it could possibly make on prospective employers.  More and more hiring professionals are using social media as a tool to help screen candidates.

But do you know what an employer looks for in your online presence?

Here are six basic things hiring managers are on the lookout for:

  • An online presence! Hiding your social presence may put a prospective employer on alert. Why are you hiding? Do you have something to hide? Not being online nowadays raises a lot of questions.
  • A professional image. This is more than simply having a professional image on your LinkedIn profile. It includes what you’re posting and sharing on your other social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter. Is the majority of your content insightful? Or does it primarily consist of offensive rants and provocative photos shrouded in poor grammar. It also includes who you know. Are you well-connected with people in the industry? What kind of people do you associate with?
  • Amount of activity. Do you post things several times a day? How active you are may hurt you, depending on the job. After all, if you are always online, will it detract from your work time? Being “too present” in social media might be a bad thing.
  • Cultural fit. Employers are looking to get to know the you beyond the resume or interview. They want to have a clearer picture of your passions and interests, your personality and sense of humor to determine whether you are a match for the company and team.
  • Qualifications. Does your online presence support who you claim to be on paper? For example, if you call yourself creative, is that reflected across your social platforms? If you state that you have strong written communication skills, are your posts grammatically correct?
  • Care. Are you mindful of what you post? (If you’re in doubt about whether something should be added to your online presence, ask yourself: Would you be OK with a prospective employer seeing what you just wrote or uploaded. If not, don’t post.) After all, whatever you publish on the Internet is there for the world to see and has the potential to be there forever!

Tip: Avoid content with profanity, poor grammar and pictures involving drugs, guns, alcohol, or anything that could be considered inappropriate.

If you are seeking employment, it might greatly benefit you to connect with a recruiter or staffing firm in your area to see how they can help.

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