Everyone has good days and bad days at work, and the difference often comes down to how you approach the day. 

Do you have the right attitude? Have you prioritized your tasks? Are you giving each task your undivided attention? Do you limit interruptions? Do you limit distractions? How you answer these questions directly impacts your accomplishments.

To help you have more good days, we at Masiello Employment rounded up our Top 5 Ways to Boost Productivity at Work:

  1. Immediately Set the Right Tone. Your first hour at work often dictates the success (or lack-of-success) of the rest of your day. So, arrive on time and be ready to roll; bonus points if you can muster up some genuine enthusiasm for everything on the day’s agenda. (If you prefer to ease into your workday after a couple of cups of coffee and some chit-chat by the water cooler, it’s especially important for you to try this different approach to improve your overall productivity.)
  1. Make a List. Creating a daily To-Do list gives you instant order and prioritizes all that needs to be done. If possible, try to tackle any less-than-desirable tasks early in the day, so they do not weigh on you as the hour’s tick by. And be sure to cross off each item as it is completed (it’s a simple act that leads to a tremendous sense of accomplishment).
  1. Try to Avoid Multi-Tasking. When you’re juggling several tasks at once, it may feel like you’re super-productive, but the truth is that multitasking often leads to more errors and fewer accomplishments. Whenever possible, keep your focus on one task at a time, from start to finish.
  1. Designate Times for Different Tasks. If your workday includes many interruptions from work-related items such as email and phone calls, limit your availability to those distractions by establishing certain times within the workday that you respond. For instance, you might answer emails/return phone calls first thing in the morning (after creating the day’s To-Do list), then you might do it again just after lunch and before you leave for the day. Let’s face it: even the most urgent messages aren’t usually urgent enough to ruin your train of thought and lessen your productivity.
  1. Limit Distractions. Most of us live with our phones permanently in our palms, and it’s a hard habit to break at work. If you’re used to checking the news and texting your friends throughout the day, it’s time to admit that this isn’t the right thing to do at your place of employment. Instead, try to check your personal phone during breaks – only. In addition, don’t let yourself lose your work momentum by getting wrapped up in a conversation with a chatty co-worker or stuck in the habit of hanging out too long at the water cooler.

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