Spring Forward Masiello

Many of us here in New England are still reeling from the unusually mild winter, fully realizing that Mother Nature likely has some more tricks up her sleeve. Yet, here we are part way through March, and the snow (the little snow we have had) is almost gone; ski resorts are fizzling out and ice-out was officially declared on Lake Winnipesaukee. Ice out, a typical spring milestone, was in fact the earliest declared ice-out on record ever, and the only official declaration in the winter season.  Then, out of nowhere comes a few more inches of snow. Welcome to New Hampshire!

Regardless of what Mother Nature thinks about the human calendar, this past weekend marked the official start of spring, and with summer creeping up fast just around the corner, if you have any inclination to actively look for a new job this year, now may be the best time to act. The period from March through May could prove to be the best time slot to target a mindful job search, long before we fall into summer hiring doldrums; while spring is often considered one of the slower times of the year for hiring – it certainly beats job hunting in the lethargic hiring environment of summertime. As the days get longer, you’ve probably already started to notice summer approaching; your free time starts dwindling away, with more events and commitments appearing on the calendar. Summertime in New England just naturally throws everything at us in one short season, and we find ourselves overwhelmed and short on time. Kids are out of school, family vacations are in full swing and beach days take precedence over interviews for job seekers and hiring managers alike. In other words, summer stinks when it comes to hiring; all facets of decision-makers are affected by distractions, vacations and summertime activities, from HR all the way up through executive level managers. Of course, you could wait until fall, but that leaves you stuck in your current role for months, and months and months. Why risk ruining your whole summer, working a job you don’t enjoy?

So if you are on the lookout for a new position, now is the time to act! Be sure to polish up your resume and notify your friendly Masiello recruiters of your intentions to seek a new job. We will work with you to locate positions that fit your needs and background, and get you active on the interview circuit. We will do our best, leveraging our solid network of local employers, to get you into your new position well before the summertime.

Feel free to contact any of our recruiting teams via phone, email, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, and be sure to check out our listed jobs on Indeed or on the Masiello job portal on our website. We’ve made it through winter and are here to assist you with your upcoming job search. We’re ready! Are you?