Hire MeWhether you’re ready for a career shift or just jumping into the job hunting game, you’re going to need a stealthy plan of attack. While the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that unemployment decreased in 2013, as many as 10.4 million unemployed Americans are still in the job seeking pool. And, that doesn’t include the unaccounted for, the currently employed but unsatisfied job seekers who fly under the radar for fear of losing their current position. Our tips will help you get a leg up on the competition by teaching you the ins and outs of job hunting right from your mobile phone.

1. Get a new smartphone that acts as a mobile mini-computer.

Smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy from providers like T-Mobile can help shave hours off your search for the next big career move. When using public transportation including the train or bus, you can use your smartphone with Wi-Fi capabilities to make your search seamless while on the go. You’ll want to choose a phone that allows you to download and fill out online forms such as job applications. Remember, not all smartphones are created equal—ask the sales associate if it will meet all of your job seeking requirements before you buy. Once you’ve got your device in hand, take a few minutes to learn the shortcuts features such as toggle, swiftkey, fast typing and notification settings.

Tip: If you’re currently employed and have a company-issued smartphone, get a personal phone to conduct your search. Your employer will surely consider job searching from a company device grounds for termination.

2. Now that you’ve chosen your device, download apps.

The advantage of using apps for a job hunt rather than using full websites is they save your personal settings and info. Instead of running back and forth to your computer all day, you can periodically check in right from your device.

Our favorite apps include:

  • LinkedIn. The ultimate networking tool, the LinkedIn app is possibly one of the most streamlined job seeking tools out there. Grow your network and quickly gain access to career potential by getting introduced to future employers. You can search, save and even apply for a position right from your phone.
  • Career Builder. The Career Builder Jobs app is exceptionally comprehensive. You’ll be able to apply, save and search for jobs, but also post multiple resumes and get as many notifications as you sign up for.
  • Resume Builder Pro. When you begin the hunt, download Resume Builder from the get-go. You’ll be able to create, save and store multiple resumes from this app and update it as needed when applying for new jobs.

3. Take advantage of video features.

While it might seem risky to take an interview on your lunch hour at your current job, accessing the video features from your phone could spell your next new gig. If your potential new employer proposes a video interview, downloading an app such as Skype makes it easy to “meet” from anywhere, anytime.