Recipe for a Successful Job Search

Sometimes life gets complicated, but one thing is sure: you have to feed yourself to survive. The concept is no different when it comes to your job search. Ignore the primary job seeker activities and you may find yourself hungry for results that just aren’t there.  You have to ‘feed’ the process carefully to see the outcomes turn in your favor; it is not assumed you’ll find a new job rapidly or quickly. For many of us, it can be a challenge as it is an unfamiliar territory and not something anyone usually looks forward to. So in order to get you started on a feeding plan for your job search, Masiello Employment has assembled the perfect recipe for your success. Here we go!

Ingredients of a Successful Job Search

Three parts determination

Two parts confidence

2 parts preparation

1 part of hope

1 part of courage

1 part of patience

½ part resiliency

One dash humor

Got it? Good. No cheating – and no substitutions!  Now, Let’s break this down.

Three parts determination

For starters, be determined, this is a huge life change, so go after it with all you’ve got. Don’t take the first opportunity that is easy, fight for the opportunity that is right. Stay dedicated to the cause with your chin up, even if you take a few jabs from time to time.

Two parts confidence

If you cannot believe in yourself, you will never convince others to believe in you. Confidence is little more than being secure in your abilities, and being proud to share your success with others. Pat yourself on the back for your strengths, and be aware of your weaknesses. Practice humility but be proud of yourself; success is contagious.

Two parts preparation

If you were a Boy Scout, you’d know the motto: “Be Prepared.” Do your homework, don’t approach anything blindly. Research the job market, identify the companies that you would best fit into, and leverage your recruiters as a first-hand source of information. If you are not prepared, you cannot be confident, and your recipe will be lacking an essential ingredient.

One part hope

Not everything is concrete, you can have the best work history, but have a bad day in an interview. A little bit of hope can go a long way, even if a conversation goes south. Don’t be afraid to think yourself through the hard times by being positive, and hoping for the best, even in tough situations.

One part courage

Take a few chances. Much like applying to a college, identify tiers of jobs based on your skills and experience, and apply to a mix of each.  Indeed, a sure thing makes sense, but is the challenge and opportunity there, or are you taking the role because it is easy to get? Focus on a step up in your career whenever possible and have a little courage to go outside of your comfort zone.

  1. A sure thing (25%)
  2. A challenge (50%)
  3. A longshot (25%)

One part patience

Job searching takes time, sometimes a lot of time. There are many moving parts, and each has to come together before a hire is made. Be patient, relax, be sure to stay on top of the process but don’t be discouraged, pushy, or defeated. The job isn’t closed until it is filled, and there is no set amount of time for this to happen. Never close a door. Eventually, something will come.

½ part resiliency

Rejection happens, you simply cannot win them all. Law of averages have determined that 95% of Americans are gainfully employed, so chances are – you will be too. Just hang in there, roll with the punches, and learn from your mistakes, don’t let them get you down. Stay active and focused.

A dash of humor.

Be professional at all times, but don’t be afraid to be human. Show up to an interview with your fly down? Laugh it off; it has happened to us all. If you do not demonstrate a sense of being human, you will not come across as being genuine or relatable. Don’t be a jokester, but do let your guard down just enough to let people know that inside, you are pleasant and fun to be around, a person that they would enjoy seeing each and every work day.

So it is simple, right? Keep your head up, work hard, and don’t get discouraged, that is the recipe for success. While it all sounds like common sense, most of us will find ourselves straying from one of the areas above in our job search; it is easy to do thanks to the stressful nature of the process. Lean on us when times get tough and we can provide a sprinkle of direction to help you find your way.