We all know that New Year’s Resolutions never really tend to ‘stick.’ They serve more as a reminder of how we can improve ourselves in the coming year.  Instead of making a list of silly goals you know you will never achieve, take a different approach. Use the energy of the New Year to reflect on what worked, and didn’t work in the prior year, and make adjustments to ensure this year is better than ever.

One thing that everyone should do is take the time to assess their current job standing, and look to ways to improve both yourself and your career in the coming year.

It sounds ‘old hat,’ we know, but is it?

If we don’t set realistic goals for ourselves (and establish mental triggering devices to inspire us to fire off personal change), then we can’t expect to see ourselves achieve personal growth. Establishing a clear path toward career advancement is critical to advancing your career.

So, what to do?

Polish that Resume

Even if you aren’t actively looking for a new position, the new year is a perfect time to update your resume so that it shines. The very act of documenting your skills on paper will inspire you to think more about your career and open your mind to the possibility of change. There is one truth in the job seeking world; you never know when, or if, you’ll need that resume – until you do. Make your life easier by having an updated copy available at all times.

Update your LinkedIn

Even if you aren’t a LinkedIn regular, it is still a terrific passive tool for you to explore your options. LinkedIn now has an on/off feature to distinguish active job seekers to get more recruiting calls. Turn it on and see what happens, you’ll at the very least open the lines of communication with other recruiters to see what is out there in your area of professional interest. Use your rock-solid new resume as a foundation and refresh your LinkedIn profile to keep yourself in the game. Need help? Contact someone from our recruiting team for advice and direction.

Never Stop Networking

Professional meetings can be a drag; we get it. Mixers, meet and greets, social events – if you aren’t actively looking for work or harvesting leads for sales, they can seem pointless. However, getting to know the right players is key to being successful during a job transition and actively networking is critical to making this happen. Think of your networking as future job security as you come to learn more about the movers and shakers in your professional circles. Volunteer, organize, get involved. Every person you meet could eventually be a door for you to pass through in the future. Never overlook the power of human-to-human interaction, it is still the most effective means of getting things done.

Reconnect with a Recruiter

Just like you, recruiters are busier than ever; we can’t possibly keep track of everyone’s current job status as time rolls forward. Take a moment to reach out, touch base, and refresh your local recruiters on your professional abilities and your ideal job match. We can always use fresh information, and your willingness to share proves you are passionate about yourself and your future – a trait employers typically admire.

Keep on Rocking

The best advice is to persevere. Keep at it, slowly but surely. Be prepared for change by keeping your career top of mind when embarking on another exciting new year. Finding a new role usually involves one of two things: luck or embracing a long-term strategy. Luck only appears randomly and is out of our control but taking charge of your career is something you can do – and do well – if you put some effort into it.

Masiello Employment can help you set the right career goals and introduce you to some of the best employers and positions in the game. Get in touch with one of our recruiters and, together, we can tackle 2019 head on and set you up for the best year, ever.