Let’s face it, looking for a job is hard work and not often a whole lot of fun.  You have to talk about yourself, sell yourself, and basically be okay with some tactful bragging.  Of course this goes against most of what you have learned about being a likable human being.  Your instincts tell you that blowing your own horn means you are full of yourself, and that “people who talk about themselves are annoying!”  But the rules of the game change a bit when you are on the hunt for the next step in your career.

If you don’t talk about yourself and point out your accomplishments, no one else will.  I suppose you could bring your mother on an interview and she can brag for you: “Oh he is such a good boy, how could anyone not hire him?” but that may turn your would be employer off.

Masiello Employment Services now has some helpful resources for job seekers on the new Candidate Resource Center.  The resource center contains the following sections and hundreds of articles for you, including:

  • Land That Job – Tools to help in all aspects of your job search process, including resumes, interviewing, and social media techniques.
  • Managing Your Career – Help with finding the career path that’s right for you.
  • On The Job – How to’s for dealing with the many issues that come up throughout your business day.
  • Personal Success – Tips on how to improve all aspects of your life and achieve the highest level of success.
  • And much more…

We hope you enjoy these new resources.  Please contact Masiello Employment Services to learn more about how our staffing service works and how we can help find you that next great opportunity!