Stand out from the crowdFinding a job in a competitive market is a tremendous challenge for all job seekers. If you haven’t got a college degree, it can seem like an especially daunting task. But, while a degree is important to many employers, there are still ways to stand out from the pack and land a great-paying job.

Take your career to the next level, without going back to school.

Here are five ways to boost your marketability and help land your next great career opportunity:

1. Build a local network. Meet professionals in your desired industry or career. Do an Internet search for professional organizations in your area, and be sure to get out there and attend mixers and events. Talk to professionals and for advice, or better yet, talk about your skills and strengths. Not only will you gather valuable information as your begin your new career search, you’ll also be selling yourself to prospective employers!

2. Refresh your resume. A degree isn’t everything. Real-world experience, and even more importantly – accomplishments, are a key factor in hiring decisions. Take a look at your resume, and ensure that your accomplishments are highlighted prominently. Education should take a back seat to the results that you’ve generated for past employers!

3. Start learning again. You don’t have to enroll in college to increase your knowledge. Take the time to borrow or purchase textbooks, business journals, and other resources to learn the latest trends, challenges and industry information. Your lack of a degree shouldn’t have any  bearing on your industry knowledge. Don’t be afraid to flex those muscles!

4. Find a career advocate. Consider partnering with a professional recruiter. Trained recruiting professionals know exactly which skills to highlight – skills that prospective employers will find valuable when searching for their next professional star. Plus, professional recruiters and staffing firms often have access to jobs that aren’t advertised elsewhere, helping to give you the upper hand in your career search.

5. Be positive. When you start interviewing, let your confidence shine through. You may not have a college degree, but you have the experience and knowledge needed to thrive in your new role. Make sure that your confidence and positivity shine through during an interview!

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