One thing that is for certain, when it comes to job searching – organization is the key to success. Keeping both your mind and your schedule clean, clear and easily accessible is important when attempting to demonstrate professionalism to a potential employer.

Below you will find some tips from our recruiting team that will help you keep your mind sharp and organized as you embark on your job search journey.

Develop a Routine.

Treat yourself to the peace of mind of having a structured, daily job search routine. Set aside some sacred time reserved exclusively for job searching. And be committed! It doesn’t particularly matter if it is one hour or three, what is important is that you spend time every day doing something job search related both regularly and consistently. You’ll find a routine forming that will keep your mind clear and give you an opportunity to feel more connected to your job search. Need some inspiration? There is plenty of information online specifically to aid you in your quest to structure your day.

Keep your calendar open.

Try to keep extraneous items off your calendar until the job search is complete. Use an online calendaring tool like Outlook or even Gmail – or go old school and turn to a paper calendar. All that matters is you have a clear and near-instant way to nail down interview times when an employer or recruiter comes-a-calling. By making yourself readily available for both phone screens and onsite interviews, you are showing a commitment to both the interview process and to the employer. The more flexible you are, the more attractive you’ll be to a potential employer – showing up as a team player with the company’s interests being top of mind.

Adhere to deadlines and promises.

Always do what you will say you are going to do – promptly. Pay close attention to the timeliness in delivering on requests – no matter how insignificant they may seem. If you need to complete an application or drop off a resume, do it now. Right now. Getting it off your plate will save on unnecessary stress, plus, it ensures you won’t forget. Just do it!

Stick to your commitments.

Things happen, we get it. We live busy lives. But whenever possible, try to stick to originally scheduled interview times or any responsibilities or committments you take on. Don’t take rescheduling lightly. People who consistently reschedule and shift meeting times around not only waste other people’s valuable time but also demonstrate an overall lack of organization. Keep your priorities clear. And in the case of a real conflict give plenty of advanced notice.

Set aside a full day of job focused job searching.

Don’t know where to begin your job search journey? Take a day to clear your head and get yourself on track. Need a little inspiration? Try this:

And as always, the Masiello recruiting team is always here for assistance with recruiting matters big or small – just give us a call!