Bread and MuffinsSo many jobs available today are part of a much larger corporation that provides intangible products and services.  Don’t you just wish you could have a job where you were actually making something…something meaningful?  A job that you could explain to your friends and family and they would actually know what you were talking about?  Well nothing could be more easy to understand than food!

Masiello Employment Services is very proud to be working with a well known and respected family owned company that produces some of the finest breads, rolls and muffins available in the Northeast from their location in Brattleboro, Vermont.

And this is not just any old bread – all of their breads are made with care from traditional recipes and a love for baking.  Their products are available in most supermarkets & health food stores—the kind of breads you only used to find at local farm stands and country stores throughout the Northeast.

In business for over 30 years, this company is committed to using high quality, all-natural and certified organic ingredients.   Baked fresh from scratch, using stone ground whole grain flours and natural ingredients, these products are made without chemical additives, artificial ingredients, white sugar, irradiated ingredients, excess salt and cholesterol.

Come work for a company that makes something important to you.  Work for a business that is family owned and is recognized by your friends and family as making quality foods.

If you are interested in the opportunities available now and those opportunities we will have throughout the coming weeks and months, please contact us at 603-358-1000 or email Joelle at