Job Searching After Unemployment? Four Strategies to Help You Get on the Right TrackYes, searching for a job is stressful. But searching for a job while being unemployed is more stressful – and sometimes more of a struggle.

Losing your job can easily shake your confidence.  But lack of confidence in yourself and in your skills can negatively impact your job search.

If you are currently job searching while unemployed, here are four strategies to help you get on the right track:

  • Stay positive. Remember that you are not your employment status. People often look at being unemployed as a mark against them and who they are as a person. You are not defined by whether you have a job or not. You are not inadequate. You are not a failure. Jobs just don’t always work out – and for a variety of reasons. Think of this as an opportunity.  An opportunity to find a job that you love. An opportunity to add value to a new organization. An opportunity to build character and resilience.  (Confidence and positivity attract employers!)
  • Network. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Join groups. Attend networking events. Do some volunteer work. Connect with industry professionals on LinkedIn. Reach out to people you know and ask for introductions. Surround yourself with individuals who can add value to your job search.  Be sure you know what you want and don’t be shy about discussing that with others. Building a solid network opens a lot of doors. It’s all about who you know, remember?
  • Take care of yourself. While it may be tempting to just veg out on your couch in your pajamas, watching TV, you should be mindful of your habits. Be sure to get out of the house once in a while. Get some exercise.  Try to avoid emotional overeating.  Follow a schedule and set daily goals for yourself. Remaining active, following a routine and having day-to-day goals will go a long way in helping you stay focused and in a good state of mind throughout the job search process.
  • Partner with a staffing firm. Staffing firms are well-connected and an invaluable resource to job seekers. They offer a variety of hiring options – contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire opportunities.  Being open and flexible to a variety of opportunities allows you to develop your skill set, sample different industries and bridge the unemployment gap. It can help restore your confidence and revitalize you!

Staffing firms match millions of individuals to jobs every day.  If you are having difficulty finding a job on your own, consider partnering with one.

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