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Launchpad McQuack

Temporary positions can be a great way to gain experience, find work in between full-time opportunities, and have flexibility.  Many top organizations use temporary labor to supplement their permanent workforce, presenting you with potential long-term opportunity.

Temporary positions can be a launchpad for your career.
Some temporary positions have the possibility for long-term or permanent employment. There are no guarantees, but you can take these steps to maximize your temporary opportunity:

1. Generate Results
Temporary employees are generally brought on board to help with high levels of work, or to cover an absence. These companies are looking for productivity and results – something you can deliver. Make productivity and quality your priority while on the job. Take notes during meetings, ask questions and follow up to ensure you are fulfilling your role and acting like a part of the team. If excess work requires overtime or a late night, be the first to offer, and don’t complain to your coworkers. And make sure you are serious about the job. Don’t come to work late or leave a few minutes early. Be an engaged and dedicated part of the team.

2. Dress for Success
Your attire as a temporary employee should be no different than that of full-time staff. If a company’s dress code has not been explained to you ahead of time, call your recruiter to verify how you should dress for your first day on the job. If you see other employees straying from the code, be sure you’re still sticking to it closely. When your temporary assignment has come to an end, the small details can be the difference.

3. Join the team
Learn the names of your coworkers and understand their roles, so that you can understand where you fit within the organization. At lunch or during breaks, don’t be afraid to discuss your career plans with co-workers. Management may talk to your coworkers when assessing your performance. Take the time to ask questions about your coworkers and show genuine interest. Getting to know your co-workers and being a member of the team makes it much more likely management will consider you a part of the team too.

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