Employers want their employees to have great skills too!  MESI administers employee assessments that effectively combine science, business process, consulting and technology to provide measurable improvements in your workforce and your bottom line. When you use MESI recruiting services our assessment tools will increase the efficiency of qualifying, interviewing and selecting candidates.  We can also help you identify strengths and developmental opportunities for candidates and for your current employees.

Our assessment tools are simple to understand and easy to use and can be administered in our offices or online.

More than 1,200 skills assessment tests help you identify qualified candidates based on job skill requirements.  We offer assessments for job classifications including:

  • Accounting
  • Call Center
  • Financial
  • Industrial
  • Office and Professional
  • Software
  • Technical

Searching for people with great skills?

Contact Masiello Employment Services. Our extensive network of professionals includes top performers who aren’t actively seeking new employment. We will find the talent you need to get to the next level.