You’ve worked hard, you’ve made sacrifices, you’ve taken the initiative, and it’s finally paid off: the dream job is yours. Whether it requires you to move somewhere completely new, or walk to work right around the corner, this is an exciting time in your life and you deserve to savor the accomplishment! Done? Great. Now it’s time to take this fleeting success and leverage into something that lasts a lifetime.

Make An Impression

According to the article “A Neural Mechanism of First Impressions” in Nature Neuroscience, people form first impressions in less than a minute, and those first impressions may vary from person to person. One of your bosses may think you’re intelligent, for instance, while another may think you seem too laid back. Therefore use every opportunity to project yourself as the worker you want to be: resourceful, confident, forthright and hardworking. Forbes advises that you stand up straight, smile, use eye contact, shake hands and lean slightly inward. The advice may seem prosaic, but think of it like this: even at your perfect job, there’s no telling who you’ll meet on any given day, and you have less than a minute to make your mark.

Soak It Up

Getting your dream job probably means you’re working in your dream environment, and what better place to learn about your field? Instead of trusting your brain to absorb it all, take action and buy a nice notebook from Moleskine to record your schedule, assignments, notes and more. Looking for something slightly more unique? Try Etsy’s positively endless list of bound journals in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and themes.

Spend Wisely

Especially if you’ve recently graduated college or been out of work for a while, you likely have some bills to catch up on. Spend your money carefully at first, until you learn exactly how much you need to live on and how much you have left over at the end of the month. Try simple tricks from America Saves, such as keeping loose change, tracking all expenditures, setting up short-term savings goals and refusing to purchase impulsively. For every unnecessary expenditure, save an equal amount in a jar – if you can’t afford to save it, don’t spend it. Instead of buying that new car you’ve had your eye on, consider searching for nice but far less expensive used cars.

Pursue Growth

Sure, it’s your dream job, but do you really want to spend the rest of your life doing it? Realistically, no matter how great it is, you’re someday going to want that promotion that right now seems so far off. The Chicago Tribune advises that you plan for the future with simple steps like dressing professionally, demonstrating a positive work ethic, avoiding gossip and politicking. Once you’ve nailed that, up your profile at work by finding a mentor to clue you in and give you a boost, volunteering for projects and speaking your mind – professionally, of course. Last but not least, stay the course: if you have to choose between the tortoise and the hare, go tortoise all the way.