Temp Top 5

As most of us are acutely aware, this is not the job market of the past. Masiello Employment recruiters have noticed an increasing number of temporary roles coming from our staffing partners over the past few years. Temp or temp-to-hire offerings have proven to be efficient hiring solutions for employers to get people in the door quickly, as well as an opportunity to try workers on for size before committing to a full-time hire.

Many job seekers shy away from temp positions for various reasons, usually related to job security and benefits, or a feeling that a temp job may interfere with their chance at a full-time job. However, considering temp jobs can often prove beneficial. Here’s why:

  • You Get to Try Things on for Size

The temp approach allows both parties to ‘try things out’ in a real world setting. Temp employees can get real life exposure to the work environment and determine if the company culture is a good fit. Hiring managers often use temp roles as a real life means to evaluate individuals for full-time positions. If you excel in a temp role proving yourself as an exceptional resource, you may just be offered a full-time position down the road.

  • Will Work for References

Give it your all! Temps jobs are great places to demonstrate your potential. Doing an exceptional job can get you a personal, managerial level reference for the next role you seek, putting you ahead of your competition. An excellent reference is priceless and makes the difference when competing with others for the best jobs. If you do not have three reliable, recent references in your back pocket at all times – you may find yourself being turned away for positions at the last minute. Stack the deck in your favor.

  • No One Need Know a Job is Temp

Quite simply – nearly any current working relationship on a resume looks better than blank space. So the very act of working is often attractive to employers. Keeping yourself gainfully employed in a position that either teaches new skills or supports existing skills is perceived as more attractive than being unemployed and job seeking. In the meantime, you will have a chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and strengthen existing talents.

  • Job Security

As many can attest to in this economy, there is no such thing as job security. A temp job can often prove to be as secure as a full-time role as seniority no longer carries the same weight it once did. Many times, contract positions are funded quarterly, so temp is the only option as managers seek to obtain full-time salary dollars.

  • It is Good for the Soul

Even if you are not taking on a dream role, employment keeps you feeling whole, your self-worth high, and your spirit strong. Knowing that your temp job is not to be forever will keep your mind clear to spend your free time searching for a full-time position. Choose a role that provides access to networks or teaches a new skill, not just a job where you show up and count the minutes on the clock.

So do yourself a favor and take a moment to look at the available temp jobs on the Masiello Job Portal and hone in on those that increase your existing skills or teach you new ones. Shy away from ‘filler’ jobs and focus on those that expose you to a manager and train you on a niche or specialized skill. Use temp roles as a springboard to keep your mind and talents active while you quietly search for your next position. So remember, don’t turn you back on temporary jobs, they may just assist you in landing your next dream job. You’ll never know until you try!