As competition for job openings increases, interviewers are beginning to ask more complicated and challenging questions to identify top candidates. Although it can seem impossible to tell what brain teasers might be asked during your interview, there are some ways to help stave off the attack and rise to the challenge.

Don’t be stumped by interview brain teasers!

Employers may not be necessarily looking for a “right” answer with their brain teasers, but may be assessing how you respond and rise to the challenge. Here are three ways you can prepare:

1. Know the company’s history.
Many candidates have answered the basic, “Do you understand what our company does?” question. While that question could still pop up, many employers have started to branch out, asking much more detailed and descriptive questions. As company websites become increasingly comprehensive, you have no excuse not to be completely prepared for company history brain teasers! Before your interview, review the company’s website, and prepare some notes or key points you think will come in handy during an interview.

2. Don’t rush!
A brain teaser is just that – a tease of your mind. Don’t rush or make an immediate guess if you’re not ready to answer the question. Take a few moments and think through the question. Your reaction to the brain teaser can be of more value to an interviewer than your actual answer, so slow down, think it through, and give a thoughtful response (and explanation of your conclusion) to the brain teaser – even if you have no idea what the actual answer is!

3. Avoid asking for more information.
It’s highly unlikely your interview neglected to mention a key part of data for your brain teaser. Asking for more information gives the appearance that you don’t want to figure out the answer for yourself, and you’re looking for an easy way out. See how that might not look best to a potential employer? As mentioned above, think it through, and share your thought process with your interviewer. Your approach and thoughtfulness will give the interviewer the information he or she needs to make a careful hiring decision.

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