Like so many, your company has had to furlough or lay off employees as a result of Coronavirus. Morale is on the decline at your organization and employees are nervous and tense.

As a business owner or manager, attempts to keep morale up needs to be one of your top priorities during these unprecedented times. What can you do to boost morale? Hint: most solutions won’t cost your company any money.

Communication. When employees are left in the dark about changes that are happening around them (and that have the potential to affect them), especially surrounding employee departures or shuffling in personnel, the rumor mill starts up and insecurity develops. Providing up-front communication about the challenges your company is facing and what may lie ahead is a great way to put the rumors to rest and make employees feel vested in the company.

Find out what could improve their day. Let your employees know that you are willing to listen to their frustrations and act upon what you can to improve the work environment. By doing something about a problem that you can manage, you’re showing your team that you value them, and care about their well-being.

Build on employees’ strengths. If you have an employee who is stellar in data management but lacks the ability to communicate, consider modifying that employee’s position so it focuses on their data management strengths. This is an opportunity to find other ways that your team can shine in their positions.

Don’t micromanage. Monitoring an employee’s every move does nothing other than tell that person that you don’t believe they can do their job. Let employees do what you hired them to do. If their work isn’t up to par, that’s one thing, but if you give them room to breathe, you will foster their creativity and ingenuity. Solutions may be found that benefit your organization that otherwise may not have surfaced!

Be compassionate. If employee performance is slipping, if the stress of the pandemic is becoming a hindrance to a productive workday, remember this: a few words of compassion can mean a world of difference to someone and help build loyalty.

Cheer accomplishments. Congratulate employees when they achieve something and talk about why their work is important to the organization’s success. Encourage people to give kudos to their fellow employees during meetings. Spread positivity whenever possible.

Encourage exercise. Exercise releases endorphins, a chemical has been proven to lessen depression and stress. You’ll reap the benefits of this happier workforce if you can encourage your teams to be more active – while responsibly maintaining social distancing, of course.

You can boost morale among your workforce in immeasurable ways that don’t have to break the bank. Have any other thoughts? Share your ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter – we’d love to hear them!