stay-work-play-licensedNew Hampshire is unique, with a long history of independent thought, politics, and a conservative Yankee spirit, the state is known for being slightly different. “Live Free or Die” as we say.

And in the true spirit of being just slightly off center – we also have a unique labor problem. See, most of New Hampshire’s young people vacate the state as soon as they are ready to enter the workforce, choosing states with bigger cities like Boston or Austin where there is plenty of entry level jobs and activities for a younger demographic to partake in. It goes without saying that our attractions here in the Granite State cater more to an older, financially secure demographic – baby boomers and families with careers and young children. After all, it is an excellent place to raise a family and establish strong values, with safe neighborhoods and good schools. However, indeed, there is a notable lack of engaging opportunities for this 20-30 something demographic.

Finding young, energetic, willing-to-learn and early career workers is incredibly difficult as of late. And mentoring future leadership proves a real challenge for long-term business growth without this younger generation in the workforce.

Enter Stay.Work.Play – a nonprofit organization whose mission is “To work collaboratively across New Hampshire to support ongoing economic, workforce, and community development by promoting the state as a favorable place for young workers and recent college graduates to stay, work and play, when considering employment and lifestyle opportunities.”  The idea came to be under the direction of Kate Luczko which grew out of recommendations by a gubernatorial task force looking at ways to recruit and retain a younger workforce.

Stay Work Play is working to develop programs to attract and retain younger workers, by highlighting activities and events of interest, In marketing the perks of the “New Hampshire advantage” and by working closely with employers to develop grant programs and internship opportunities. Part of their mission is also to provide economic information on where the jobs are in the state and the overall economic outlook of choosing to work (and employ) in New Hampshire.  They sponsor unique grant programs with local employers who agree to offer to offset part of a college graduate’s tuition in return for those grads who choose to work at their firm.

In addition, they keep the world informed of all the fun things to do and see (the Play portion) in the State with timely blogs, photos, and information about events and happenings statewide.

As you probably know, Masiello Employment has spoken to the many benefits of working in the Monadnock Region in our blog. Stay Work Play takes the positive message that NH is a great place to live and work to a whole new level and devote a full section of their website just to the Monadnock region.

It is friends and partners like Stay Work Play that make our job of being the connection between employer and employee so much stronger. For people that want to learn about the area, they serve as an inspiring resource for employers and potential employees of all ages. Check out their website and see what’s happening here in our fair state. If you are an employer, please take a moment to reach out and connect to see how Stay Work Play, and Masiello Employment, can help you to attract (and retain) the best talent.