Every business has goals: make a profit, build brand recognition, increase customer satisfaction, etc. In other words, all businesses want to be successful.Boost Productivity through Employee Creativity

The big question is: how do you do it?

The answer lies in the employees.

At the end of the day, your business will get nowhere without satisfied employees. And a happy employee is a productive employee.

What makes employees happy? Believing that the company they work for is their company, too.  They want the freedom to express themselves and to know that their opinions matter.  They want to be encouraged to think outside the box and want the opportunity be creative.

Here are some suggestions that will boost employee productivity while allowing your employees the opportunity they crave to be creative on the job:

  • Create a creative space. For example, a bulletin board.  Encourage employees to write or pin things they find amusing or motivating – pictures, quotes, ecards, etc.  It’s a simple thing that allows people the opportunity to express themselves and interact with other team members.
  • Encourage innovation. Create an environment that fosters open communication and invites ideas. Your employees may have some great ideas that might prove useful in improving workplace efficiency. They may have some ideas for fun group activities as well. We’re not suggesting that you do everything they say, but sometimes all an employee wants is to know that they can share their thoughts freely and without criticism.
  • Reward great ideas. It’s important to not only allow employees to share their ideas, but to reward those innovations that get implemented. This will really help motivate others to participate and not sit quietly if they have great ideas to share.
  • Create an environment for employees to relax. Work can be stressful. And everyone needs a break sometimes to refocus and get back in the game. Ask your team for suggestions on what they would like in the office to help them relax during those breaks – could be games or snacks, or specific furniture. Whatever it is, this investment now will provide a bigger return down the road.
  • Allow them to engage on social media. Your employees will feel trusted and may not overuse it as is the fear. And it’s a simple fix if you feel that productivity has gone down, instead of up. So why not try it?

These suggestions will help build camaraderie and boost employee loyalty and satisfaction. As a result, employees will work harder, resulting in bigger profits.

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