Masiello Hannah Grimes

Masiello Employment has been a major contributor to the local hiring and staffing market for decades, and placed thousands of workers into various positions throughout the region. Masiello Employment helps to keep the heartbeat of the region running by greasing the wheels of the employer/employee equation. In a small, tight knit community like we have in the Greater Monadnock Region, it’s important to serve as a mentor and leader to others in the community whenever possible.

We recognize that in order to have the right mix of jobs, as well as to attract and retain employees to the area, we need to have a strong business culture and educated and informed business leaders, entrepreneurs, and mentors to work to better the economy as a whole.

Hannah Grimes, the fun and quirky downtown retail shop we all know and love, has blossomed into the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship, a unique organization devoted to assisting businesses starting up in the region on success stories and strategies that work for our area. By offering business incubation programs, Individual courses and workshops, providing resources on financing options, and offering a professional office space for entrepreneurs to work in, the Center has been a positive boon for the overall business environment. They also offer *free* workshops and classes that can be taken by anyone with an interest in conducting business locally. A complete listing of such workshops and topics are outlined on HG’s calendar here.

Masiello has had the opportunity to work the Center to conduct our own community outreach, most recently as one of our top leadership experts, Steve Wood gave a presentation at Hannah Grimes. The Center also hosts an event known as Connect 2015 that allows local business to connect and networking amongst peers, providing structure as well as the freedom to form partnerships with others who do business in the area.

Hannah Grimes also offers (free) one on one consulting and counseling for those who need a brief primer on the essentials of running a business in the region, as well as more intensive paid programs for those who truly wish to immerse themselves in the educational component of running their business.

In addition, the Center hosts regular networking events to connect business leaders in the community to include: Business After Hours, Community After Hours, Art Gallery Open House, and the Marketplace Member Meeting just to name a few.

As mentioned earlier, we love what we do at Masiello Employment. We place the most talented employees in the best roles, with the best employers in the region. To accomplish this success, we need a strong base of both employers and employees, and only by having a strong local economy can we be our best. With community support such as we see coming from the Hannah Grimes organization, we can continue to draw and maintain the people who have the vision to make businesses strong and successful, provide stable jobs, and allow for employees continued growth and success.

If you find yourself in need of a new role, or are looking to hire or make a change from your existing position, stop by the office or reach out through any of our various channels, from email to facebook, telephone to old fashioned snail mail. We’re here for you, as we always have been.