Masiello Employment Giving Back SQ

As the holidays come and go and our personal lives ramp up into the ‘highly stressed’ zone, we are also reminded of just how fortunate many of us are, and how many Americans are sadly still in need. The story is all too familiar these days, it seems.

On a positive note, the team at Masiello are happy to announce a company wide effort to give back more to the local community – and not just during the holidays.

Julie Pearson, Office Manager at Masiello, has been busy working with her team to establish a 2016 Vision for the company and reports that in addition to implementing fresh business ideas, “a strong message was communicated by the Masiello Team to include community focused events to give back to those in need or causes that benefit the community.”

As a result, a project has been put in motion to identify active causes that the company can assist with as part of their goal to give back, with a focus on community resources and education options for local field employees. Topics are being explored regarding child care, shopping and cooking on a budget, health and nutrition, activities for families, managing household finances, transportation, healthcare options, and personal support.

One event that the team is fully committed to is assisting the staff at Hundred Night’s – a cold weather shelter and support center for those who are without a proper home environment.  Their services not only include warm food and beds, but a weekly health clinic for the uninsured.

Says Julie “This particular community service project was inspired by the Hundred Night’s Newsletter calling for volunteers to help with meals on Saturday and Sunday nights.  I shared the idea with the whole team and they were really excited to help, and we all decided it would be even more meaningful to include our spouses and children.”

Says Julie “We are recruiters, not social service workers, but we believe that we can do a better job to help our community be happier, healthier, better prepared, and more self-sufficient. As a result, we believe our employees will be more reliable, have better attendance and be healthier and more productive all around. “

The message? Giving back helps everyone, both individuals and the community. The Team is happy that they are fortunate enough to be able to play a part.