January Hiring Masiello EmploymentDid you know that January and February are particularly good times for hiring? Masiello Employment recruiters do! It seems odd as many businesses are seasonally effected, but it is a well-known secret that these are some of the best months of the year for job searching and hiring with nearly 20% of employers planning on adding staff in the first quarter of 2016.

Here’s why:

Hiring Recharge. Many folks took a well-deserved break over the Holidays, they come back into the New Year with their batteries charged, ready to tackle the year ahead with gusto: planning, following through and checking off to do’s on their list (with hiring usually being a big one at the top of the page).

Post-Holiday Catch Up. A lot of interviews and potential hires get stuck in a holiday limbo, with a number of managers, candidates, and HR professionals taking time off for the season. In January, everyone tends to be back on track and loose ends start to tie up, interview cycles are finally completed, and, hopefully, offer letters get sent out pronto.

New Year’s Resolution Season. You know, “This year I am really going to focus on that _______ position!” or “I’m actually going to pull the trigger this time around!” Even if folks don’t follow through with their resolutions, they often try, so strike while the iron is hot!

Budget Reboot. Many businesses use January as a time to fund their operational budgets for the year, opening up cash for both recruiters and new hires. This is often the time when departmental managers get ‘funding’ for the position that’s ‘been on hold’ and many hire quickly based on the idea of ‘use it or lose it.’

Bonus Season Ends. Though it varies from company to company, many employers pay out bonuses around Christmastime. Employees ‘stick it out’ through the year, waiting patiently to receive a well-deserved bonus check, then hit the pavement running looking for new opportunities. Employees are therefore more apt to switch positions and take on a new role at this time, providing a larger candidate pool for employers to choose from.

It’s Cold. Here in New England, if you aren’t skiing, ice fishing, or snowshoeing – you’re likely cursing the snow and waiting for spring to come. There aren’t a lot of the typical fair weather, beach related distractions that come with the good weather so it’s a perfect time to work on your own recruiting efforts.

So hunker down and prepare for the wilds of the upcoming winter, and start by reaching out to the Masiello team to get you started thinking about new horizons in the New Year.  Whether you are hiring or applying to new positions, we’re recharged, ready to roll, and happy to assist in 2016 and beyond!

The Masiello Employment Team