What Differentiates Masiello Employment Services?

Certainly, when it comes to staffing and employment services, there are many options available, both locally and nationally. Whether you are looking for a new position yourself or seek to augment your business with qualified and talented employees, you should ask yourself the question – why should I work with the Masiello Employment Team? We are here to answer that question! We hope that after reading this blog, the reasons become crystal clear, and you do not hesitate to reach out to discuss how we can help you find your next position or source the best employees to meet your staffing needs.

Longevity. Our firm has been in business in the Keene, NH and the Greater Monadnock Region for thirty years. Since 1986, we have been bridging the gap between regional employers and local candidates of all levels. A staffing agency is best judged by their actions, and we have three decades of successful engagements behind us. Reputation matters, and we have years of experience to prove it.

Community. Masiello Employment is well connected within our local community; our network is strong. We have worked with most major employers in the area, as well as partnering with community support groups like Hannah Grimes Center, The Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce, Hundred Nights, and Keene State College, just to name a few. We also love the Monadnock region for everything it has to offer, from scenic beauty to a tight-knit professional community.

Experience. In 2015, we put over 700 people to work at 105 different client companies in NH, VT, and Western Massachusetts. Our team has over 40 years of combined recruiting, hiring and HR experience. The Masiello Employment team of recruiters carry the industry’s most respected professional credentials as Certified Staffing Professionals administered by the American Staffing AssociationCertified Staffing Professionals administered by the American Staffing Association, whose ongoing staffing certification programs are designed to cultivate the expertise and professionalism it takes to be a top practitioner in the staffing and recruiting industry. This certification represents the gold standard in professional credentials and covers industry legal, ethical, and professional best practices. Ongoing education requirements are necessary to maintain this certification and assure that our recruiters stay on top of current issues in the professional staffing space. Our recruiters are not just random voices on the other side of a phone, but dedicated industry professionals who are entrenched in the staffing community and committed to being the best at what they do.

Specialization. While no role is too big of a challenge for us to tackle, we do specialize in key strategic areas. We have dedicated recruiters who focus on light industrial and technical positions primarily in the areas of manufacturing and distribution which are important industries in our region. We also have dedicated recruiters who focus on administrative and professional positions which can include all levels of office support, accounting, sales and human resources, jobs that are vital to any business.

In conclusion, we felt it important to remind potential business partners and employees of our differentiating factors that separate us from our competition. Choosing a staffing partner is no small investment of time, energy, and resources, and you can be sure that working with Masiello Employment is a sound choice when it comes to staffing and employment matters. Contact us today!