Community Wealth as seen through the eyes of a staffing and recruiting professional, and as an employer, takes on a very clear and tangible meaning.  We very often, almost daily, hear from employers about their challenges in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce. Employers are told that in order to attract that workforce they need to offer competitive benefits including paid time off, health insurance, retirement plans etc.  While that is true, it is often not a key differentiator for a job seeker. Why?  They have already come to expect those things. They may already be used to receiving those benefits.  They may actually consider those to be their minimum expectation.  So what can an employer do?  What do those regarded as employers of choice do?  They rely on Community Wealth.

Strategic recruiting for an employer involves much more than the factors that employer can control.  It involves creating a desire not just for the job, but the lifestyle for which that job will allow. This is not just about money.  On the contrary, it is about quality of life, about overall contentment and happiness, and about community involvement.  For employers this means relying on Community Wealth and communicating what that is to their prospective and current employees.  It means sharing with them the great benefits of becoming part of the community they are in.  Educate your prospects and your employees on the clean and healthy local environment, access to education at all levels, the wide variety of artistic and cultural venues, and the sustainable local supplies of local foods, access to health and wellness resources.  Talk to them about our engaged youth and the strong local nonprofit community and volunteerism and the existing spirit of collaboration and creativity.

When you talk about these things and educate your prospective employees on those benefits, benefits derived not from what you the employer offer, but from the community you are a part of, you will be successful.  You will see the value of Community Wealth and you will be compelled to not just rely on it, but to help create it.