black-fridayIt is coming. November 25th. Just shy of a month away. The upcoming Black Friday may very well be the end of your job search (this year). And it has nothing to do with the shopping component of the day, the long lines, and cheap electronics, but has everything to do with the seasonal effects on hiring this time of the year. For many companies, come late November, hiring takes a backseat to any number of more important realities: the pure stress of holiday planning, an increase in staff vacation time, a financial pull from nearly every direction as year end expenditures are made. In short, it becomes a somewhat chaotic time for hiring. Sometimes, it is an excellent time to find a new role, yet others find themselves trapped in an extended limbo that runs into the new year.

Our point is – now is the time to get your resume in the door. It is early November, and we still have about three weeks of uptime before things start to turn. As we have mentioned in prior blogs, some companies need to close their open jobs in the fiscal year and may make a last-minute scramble to hire, yet others will simply put off hiring until the new year.

While no one knows what might happen, what is clear is that if you are looking to make a change, be ready before the storm.  Acting in advance of the Holidays will ultimately position you in a prime spot – top of mind and ready to go should a company decide to move quickly on filling a position. Be prepared, be proactive, and be ready.

So get your resume polished and start hitting the job boards before this period of uncertainty. We have a complete and updated list of our jobs online, and you can apply anytime: Don’t see a job that suits you? Be proactive – use the “Skip the Search” feature on this Jobs page to send us a resume and let us do the leg work. Either way, do it today!