Best Hiring Practices to Find, Hire and Retain Successful Job Candidates

In 2021, the job market was all over the map. We all know that as an employer, finding the right match for your company can be tough. But at Masiello Employment Services, we specialize in understanding the job market and the latest best hiring practices. With our finger on the pulse of current employment opportunities, we connect amazing businesses with qualified candidates to make a successful match.

Benefits of Great Staffing Agencies 

The staffing managers at Masiello are ready to work with your hiring managers to develop long-term staffing strategies. Our priority is to help companies weather the ebb and flow of the job market. We do this by providing immediately available qualified job applicants or planned replacement staffing solutions for temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire job opportunities. 

Constructing a big picture hiring plan decreases immediate stress on staff and helps businesses maintain growth. Best hiring practices reflect a staff composed of the right talent motivated, able, and supported to do their best job. Retaining that staff is absolutely essential to continued positive work flow and company growth. 

The key is a positive hiring process. This not only develops a great reputation for your business but builds a pool of future possible employees. Every company needs consistent hiring and retention strategies, which is what Masiello Employment Services is here to help you develop. So here are some top things to keep in mind as you create a successful hiring process. 

Know Who You Are 

First and foremost, a company must be able to share who they are and what they do. Prior to offering new employees a position, get clear on your company culture, values, and goals. It’s the first step to any job description. 

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Develop Realistic Job Descriptions

Before you list an open position, you have to get clear on the job description. This should include required skill sets, tasks, and expectations. And these should align with the offered salary, benefits, and requisite experience. 

Stating the correct criteria ensures you won’t get a flood of unqualified applicants, which wastes time and money and may deter qualified job seekers. A great place for hiring managers to start is by gathering position-specific information from the department supervisor. This is also something a trusted staffing agency can help you tease out. A little legwork at the beginning goes a long way toward finding someone who is the right fit for the job. 

Standardized Hiring Practices

In order to eliminate biases, implementing standard hiring strategies makes sense. Additionally, it makes the process more predictable and hopefully faster. It also ensures that each qualified application receives a fair review.

For instance, it’s valuable to include current team members who understand the job requirements and will be working alongside the new recruit. Invite them to participate in the interview process during preparatory meetings and interviews, encouraging them to help question each candidate. Their perspective will be critical in finding a good match.

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Businesses Are Like Snowflakes

It’s true that companies can vary as much as individual flakes of snow. A large company needs new recruits to fit into niche roles with highly specialized skill sets. Whereas a start-up company may need every single employee to be versatile, a jack of all trades. 

With flexible scheduling, hybrid workplaces, paid leave, and other staffing nuances, logistical needs vary as well. When your business understands what it takes to hire and retain key talent, it’s set up for the most possible success. Masiello Employment Services has years of experience under our belt, and this is a place where we can offer great guidance to enhance your hiring.

Check Your Own Staff First

Looking to fill a position from within your own pool of staff can be a smart business plan. Career advancement keeps staff motivated and builds their professional skill sets. Utilizing a current staff member for a new role is also great because everyone has a clearer understanding of what they are getting into. If none of your current staff have the skills needed, offering professional development might be a great option. It’s important to weigh the cost benefits versus hiring a new recruit.

Company Recommendations and Referrals

Asking your staff for ideas on qualified job seekers is a smart way to get new team members and is certainly a best hiring practice. Current staff know the job and who they want to work with. They can often provide valuable recommendations.  

Keep the Applicant List As Short As Possible

Each application means time and effort spent to review the job seeker. Moderate the total number of applicants by clearly defining non-negotiable job requirements, skills needed, and other details that will easily rule people out. Tailored screening questions can help individuals identify if this is the right job for them. Using a reputable staffing agency can also substantially reduce hiring time and costs by helping you cut through the noise to find the right person for the job.

Be Patient

As much as we all like to envision a perfect world where our new hires are selected and onboarded yesterday, hiring can take time. To increase your success rate, invest in a thorough hiring process. Get to know your applicants and take advantage of the opportunity to have them interact with hiring managers, department heads, and even current staff before making a decision. The clearer picture both you and the potential hire have, the better the outcomes will be. 

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Communication is Essential

For best hiring practices, maintaining an open line of communication is key. Keeping candidates informed about the hiring timeline eases stress and produces a much more beneficial hiring process. Also be sure to relay key information between your hiring manager and the department in question so they can plan ahead. 

As experts in the industry, we would love to share more great ideas with you and help your business grow.  We have worked with companies to fill staffing needs with qualified job seekers for over 35 years. Let our top staffing managers make the hiring process go smoothly for you!  It’s a new year, and we are ready to match you with your next awesome team member. Contact us today!