Diverse Company Culture

In this new era of workers shifting companies and seeking better employment options, it’s up to individual companies to examine how they can better meet the needs of their most valuable resource: their employees. Clearly, there are many factors that affect job turnover rates. However, we’d like to take a moment to share how a diverse company culture, one that promotes inclusivity, can be key to the company’s well-being. 

In fact, three out of four job candidates and current employees say that diversity in the workplace is a major element when choosing their next job, as detailed by Glassdoor. In addition to recruiting new qualified staff, solid and well understood policies around diversity and inclusion are crucial for retaining and developing trained talent.  

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So, how do you build a work environment centered around trust, respect, care and compassion? Not surprisingly, it starts with leadership. A manager who understands and embodies cross-cultural competence can lead the whole company to a place where all individuals can feel comfortable, supported and understood. 

Lead By Example

As a leader, critically think about how you promote and reward your hard-working team. Also, think about what those different team members consider valuable as rewards. While some might appreciate a pay raise, others may prefer more family time. However you motivate your staff, ensure the basis for your choices are grounded in data rather than prejudices. To examine your own prejudices, take a look at Harvard’s Implicit Association Test (IAT).

Diversity Come in Many Forms

There are many, many aspects to diversity. Oftentimes, people consider different genders, race or religion, but it is much broader than that. Consider elements like age, disability, language, and sexual orientation, to name a few. Then, add in how diversity can be inherent through birth or acquired through experience. This is why respect is the cornerstone of a positive and diverse company culture. 

Say No to Inappropriate Behavior

Disrespectful behavior undermines your staff’s personal well-being, as well as the strength of your team. Unhappy staff are likely to leave a position. If they stay, it’s likely they will underperform due to stress and anxiety. If team members are being inappropriate, have a meaningful, company-wide conversation detailing what professional, respectful work environments look like.

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Everyone Needs Conflict Resolution 

While the benefits of a diverse team are significant, individualities can lead to opposing opinions. It’s always important to develop strong conflict management skills throughout your staff. Simply put, no team is homogeneous and every person can benefit from being adept at resolving the occasional inevitable conflict. Expertise in communication lays the groundwork for company wide trust and compassion. 

Lead With Clarity

On the communication note, company leaders should communicate clearly and positively with their staff. For example, making a promotion as transparent as possible reduces potentially harmful speculation. Share the qualifications needed for the promotion and the criteria that lead to the decision. 

Additionally, when communicating corrective feedback, share your thoughts on what the person is successful at, what specifically you’d like to see them do instead, and methods that might help them improve. This supports them as they develop skills and advance their career as well as your business. Having happy staff benefits your bottom line. It’s expensive and time-consuming to recruit and train new talent.

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Ingenuity Through Collaboration

One of our favorite ways to promote a diverse company culture is through collaboration. When people work closely together they learn each other’s different strengths, develop bonds of trust and nurture compassion for one another. There are a million and one ways to collaborate. Team projects, mentorships, research projects, new initiatives, and team building allows minds to break out of the daily grind and embrace innovation. (See our blogs for places for great team building all over the tri-state region!)

Diversity Fosters Creativity

New ideas are invented using think-tanking and brainstorming. Thinking outside your everyday norm to ponder how other people build the same old wheel is rejuvenating. Your company will benefit from active, productive brains considering all the options and more when designing solutions for your businesses needs. 

Humanity Starts Here

People everywhere have the same goals: to live happy, fulfilled lives. Building on these pillars of humanity, treating one another with respect and goodness, this is how we grow. This is how to build a diverse company culture where people want to work, to stay, to live. This is Masiello Employment Services, committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion through care, compassion, trust and respect. We solve staffing for you. Work with us today!