Staffing Managers

Have you ever wondered what our Staffing Managers actually do here at Masiello Employment Services? It’s a fair question because your local staffing agency can seem like a big mystery if you’ve never taken advantage of it. 

This week, we want to fill you in on exactly what happens every day in our offices (both in downtown Keene and remote), from meeting talented candidates to growing our local network. Today, you’re going to be hearing from Regional Director, Julie Pearson, Senior Staffing Manager, Joelle Phippard, and Staffing Manager, Kelsey Harris. They’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look into a day in the life of a superhero staffing manager! 

Seeing Who’s New 

To kick us off, Julie describes: “The hot priority every morning is to review and reach out to any new candidates who applied overnight.  We like to get people scheduled with a recruiter as soon as possible.” It’s important for them to know their job search is about to get a whole lot easier. We get them scheduled for an office or online visit as soon as possible. And once we have a time to meet, it’s on to the initial interview.

Getting to Know You

Andrea Smart InterviewThe interviewing process is a huge part of the everyday life of a Masiello Staffing Manager. On any given day, each of our Staffing Managers meets with multiple candidates, and every session is about 40 to 45. Together, we walk through their work history and experience to gain a better understanding or their skill set. 

Then we have a conversation about exactly what they are looking for, what we think could be a good match, and how that lines up with our clients’ needs. Getting each candidate’s resume into tip-top shape is a big piece of the puzzle. We always like to provide pointers about how to streamline and improve your resume. And we can provide tips about what to focus on based on what we know our client companies are searching for. 

Sharing the Details

For candidates who are a match for one or more of our open positions, we like to present them to our clients for consideration right away. As Joelle points out, this involves writing up the candidate’s information, sending their resume with an interview summary, and explaining why we feel the candidate is the right fit for their open position. (That’s right; we’re in your corner every step of the way!) Julie calls it a “sales pitch” to help make the match between the talent and the company that could benefit from their skills. 

Coordinating Next Steps

This often lights a spark rather quickly for client companies ready to grow their teams. So then it’s up to the Staffing Managers to coordinate the next round of interviews. During this stage, candidates and clients get the chance to connect and get a sense of whether the position might be a great fit. 

Kelsey explains that after, she will check in with both parties after to gather feedback and discuss next steps. It could mean additional interviews, further discussion, resume tweaking, or even an offer of employment. Whatever the next step, we’re there from start to finish. 

Work Behind-the-Scenes 

Masiello HiringWe meet lots of great candidates who may not be a perfect match for one of our currently open jobs. However, that doesn’t mean that we cannot help them! As long as they have the skills and experience in line with our specialties, we can work behind-the-scenes to find them work. 

We’ll reach out to our client contacts to see if they have interest in talking more with our candidate. Sometimes clients may be conducting a confidential search or have someone retiring or leaving that we’re not yet aware of. So this is a great way to get ahead of the game. We also search our online network for open jobs that match our candidate’s experience and career goal. Then we’ll contact additional area companies on our candidate’s behalf.  

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