Successful Workplaces

The New Year is a great time to jazz up the office energy and bring the team together! As a business or individual, embracing a New Year’s Resolution can strengthen your office environment. It’s a great way to ditch old habits, kickstart fresh motivation, and model the essentials needed for a job well done. Successful workplaces start the year off with intention!

At Masiello Employment Services, our team of experienced staffing managers has been working with hiring managers across the tri-state region for over 35 years. So, we know what makes a business successful.

Creating Successful Workplaces

Positive energy and collaboration drive companies to new heights with original ideas and hard work. Having the right people with the right motivation makes all the difference in successful workplaces. Whether you are looking to add an essential team member to your business or searching for that dream job complete with fabulous co-workers, Masiello is here for you!

Embrace 2022 with a determined spirit to make the most out of your job, your team and your time. Here are our ideas to kick your New Year’s off with a bang!

Tidy Up

Start each day with a fresh, clear mind by having a clean, tidy desk or workspace. Instead of running out the door at the end of your long day, give your morning self a gift by tucking away the pens, closing the window tabs, and trashing the wrappers. Follow-through allows your brain to refresh, be organized and process yesterday’s work. 

Eating with Coworkers

Love Your Lunch

Rather than grabbing a quick bite of microwaved mash and devouring in front of your screen, savor your noontime meal with real flavors and great conversation. If you can’t leave the office, a lunchtime salad’s crisp flavors uplift and tend not to anchor you the way a hamburger and fries may. 

Or maybe make it a point to hit up a local eatery once a week with one of your colleagues. Grabbing a bite together can be a great way to build rapport and enhance teamwork. But if you’re the kind of work fan who loves eating and typing, that’s okay, too. Just remember to let your mental energy reset once in a while with a break.

Walking with coworker

Take A Stroll

Find a walking buddy to take a break with. Jetting outside for some fresh air, sunshine, a friendly conversation, and increased pulse rate benefits you and sends you back into the office with renewed ambition. Maybe you’re stuck on a complicated problem or frustrated with an ongoing project. Relieving that pressure and thinking outside the box can be a life saver.

Professional Development

Make this the year you get that training you have been hoping for! Gain advanced skills. Build your network. Collect state-of-the-art ideas. Increase your job security, profitability, and desirability with a certificate program that can lead to new heights in your career! 

If you’re an employer, keep in mind that ongoing development is one of the number one priorities employees are looking for. By providing your staff with the tools and connections to build success, you’ll also be ensuring their job satisfaction and evolving relationship with your company.

Go Above and Beyond

Your boss asked for an assignment to be done by Friday? Turn up the tempo and get it in by Wednesday, revised and ready to go!  Show you are committed to success through your work ethic. Demonstrate you are prepared for more challenging tasks and maybe even the next rung up the corporate ladder.  


Get Involved

It’s a New Year full of new potential!  Embrace your work environment and the team energy. Hit up that holiday office party like it’s 1999. Team building is a fun way to connect with your co-workers off campus. It’s not all trust falls and board games. Check out our blog on volunteering while networking! Scheduling an office-sponsored event can help bridge the gaps between employees, all while giving back. Connected, long-term staff are the secret sauce of successful workplaces. 

Be The Office Sunshine

Take on 2022 with a positive spirit and infectious energy. Working a job you love with people who inspire you is rewarding and uplifting. Whether you need a second cup of coffee to make cheerful conversation or feel ready to crack a joke the moment you take off your coat, find time on a busy day to connect with others. It makes the workload lighter and helps your mental and physical wellness. 

Our team of staffing managers work every day to connect qualified job seekers with employment opportunities. 2022 is the year for you to love your successful workplace. Browse our job search and learn what’s out there for temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire work.

Or, if you’re an amazing workplace looking to hire, let our top staffing agency do the heavy lifting. Our knowledgeable staffing managers are local and connected! Contact us today!